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Solairus and Southern Sky commit to safety
Along with more than 200 ACSF member companies, Solairus Aviation and Southern Sky Aviation are now supporting the ACSF's vision to advance and enable safety through risk management programmes.
Southern Sky Aviation director of operations Jeff Cotton.
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California operator Solairus Aviation and Alabama-based Southern Sky Aviation have both joined the Air Charter Safety Foundation (ACSF), the non-profit aviation safety organisation that provides programmes to enable the highest levels of safety in personal, charter and business aviation. The new members will be able to participate in the Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP), which is administered by the ACSF in partnership with the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA). The voluntary, self-reporting programme provides an extra measure of precaution to help identify and reduce possible flight safety concerns, as well as mitigate risk.

“At Solairus we employ 600-plus flight crew and support personnel to operate a fleet of nearly 170 aircraft. The safety of our clients and team members is our highest priority,” explains COO Greg Petersen, the senior executive responsible for the company's flight operations, maintenance and safety. “We are in the people business - not just the aircraft business - so our goal is to continue to get exposure and access for our teams to as many tools and as much training as possible. Participating in the ASAP program is a natural extension of those efforts.”

Southern Sky Aviation director of operations Jeff Cotton comments: “Joining the ACSF was a natural move for our company, especially to gain access to new safety resources offered by the organisation. Being a member of the ACSF helps us learn from an industry-wide pool of like-minded operators, and also helps keep us on the cutting edge of new procedures that are developed in nearly real time.

“Whether we're handling the scheduled maintenance of an aircraft, preparing for a charter flight, or we are in flight, safety is our number-one priority. Southern Sky Aviation lives by the philosophy that our operation is nothing unless it is the safest and most meticulous company out there, and we go above and beyond to be sure that all of our customers know this, regardless of the scope of work that we are carrying out. Being a member of the ACSF is another step in our steadfast commitment to safety.”

Solairus is an ARGUS Platinum rated and Wyvern Wingman certified charter operator. The company has also received the NBAA Commercial Business Flying Safety Award and is an IS-BAO Stage III certified company. Southern Sky Aviation is an ARGUS Gold rated operator and a member of NBAA.

ACSF president Bryan Burns says: “Because of ACSF and FAA diligence in making our ASAP programme as proactive and robust as possible, we're seeing a real spike in interest from Part 135 and 91 operators. As a charter and management company, Solairus manages both sides of the operation, which makes it a perfect candidate for many of the safety mitigation processes we've put in place.

“We're highly gratified that Southern Sky Aviation has joined our ranks, and is adding their voice and efforts to the cause of aviation safety. And, further, their participation in the ASAP program demonstrates a commitment to safety well beyond what's standard.”

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