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Prime Jet satisfies FAA as it joins ACSF programme
Fewer than five per cent of all certificated Part 135 air carriers have obtained formal recognition from the FAA for their SMS, and Prime Jet is is only the second Colorado-based company to have done so.

Prime Jet has been recognised by the FAA for its fully functional FAA safety management system for voluntary programme (SMSVP).

An SMS is the formal, top-down, organisation-wide approach to managing safety risks and assuring the effectiveness of safety risk controls. It includes systematic procedures, practices and policies for the management of safety risk.

This recognition has involved years of work, development and implementation, led by Prime Jet's safety officer Gary Hoffman. Fewer than five per cent of all certificated Part 135 air carriers have obtained this formal recognition and the company is only the second Colorado based company to have done so.

Prime Jet's CEO Cheryl Janke says: “Our clients will appreciate that every flight we do at Prime Jet is rigorously analysed with a Flight Risk Analysis Tool before it ever leaves the ground. We have an open reporting system encouraging all of our staff to speak up on anything they see or feel could compromise safety or efficiency of operation. We hold quarterly safety meetings along with our FAA's presence and discuss not only our reports but track several Safety Performance Indicators.”

COO Andrew Gulsrud adds: “The SMSVP programme is entirely above and beyond what is required of operators and truly solidifies our company's mission statement.”

Prime Jet has also joined the Air Charter Safety Foundation and its Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP). The ACSF, which now has more than 230 member companies, is a non-profit aviation safety organisation that provides programmes to enable the highest levels of safety in personal, charter and business aviation.

“As a leader in aircraft management, we welcome the opportunity to join ACSF and participate in its Aviation Safety Action Program,” comments Janke. “This is the next logical step in fulfilling the Prime Jet pledge to be experts at responding to aircraft ownership and travel needs for our clients in the safest, most efficient and transparent means possible.”

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