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ACSF to provide low-cost FDM with ForeFlight data analysis
The ACSF will leverage ForeFlight's flight data analysis product, formerly known as CloudAhoy P-FOQA, to elevate FDM support solutions to small and mid-size operators, broadly strengthening safety practices.
The ACSF will strengthen safety practices for small and mid-size operators with ForeFlight's flight data analysis product, formerly known as CloudAhoy P-FOQA.

Last year, at the NBAA-BACE, the Air Charter Safety Foundation launched a flight data monitoring (FDM) programme with its technology partners AirSync and CloudAhoy. Now, at this year's convention, the ACSF has unveiled a further collaboration with Boeing company ForeFlight, the aviation technology firm that acquired CloudAhoy earlier this year.

The ACSF will leverage ForeFlight's Flight Data Analysis product, formerly known as CloudAhoy P-FOQA, to significantly elevate FDM support solutions to small and mid-size operators, broadly strengthening safety practices for this industry segment. In particular, the ACSF will serve as a third-party administrator of a member's FDM programme, and will:

- Review an operator's individual flights for high-risk events and check fleet data to determine areas for improvement.

- Determine where to allocate resources to achieve the greatest performance improvements.

- Help develop appropriate, non-punitive efforts to improve safety performance.

- Collect and analyse all de-identified member data from Flight Data Analysis.

- Assist with benchmarking flight operations' performance against that of similar operators.

- Share trends to help improve safety events and incidents.

Bryan Burns, president and CEO of the ACSF, says: “This collaboration represents an important step forward in enhancing flight operations safety, and it underscores the ACSF's dedication to providing low-cost flight data monitoring support solutions. At the same time, it seamlessly integrates FDM support with our Aviation Safety Action Program for the betterment of aviation safety within the charter, business and corporate aviation sector.

“Working with ForeFlight to enable this groundbreaking capability really underscores our mutual dedication to advancing aviation safety. This new offering brings together a powerful combination of ForeFlight's comprehensive aviation solutions, leveraging the company's notable strengths within the industry-wide framework that characterises the ACSF. The result will offer enormous value for small to mid-size operators seeking cost-effective FDM support. In this, we are not only improving safety practices, but also making them more accessible to a broader range of operators."

ForeFlight's vast array of aviation technology solutions, coupled with the ACSF's expertise, will not only integrate FDM seamlessly, but will also elevate aviation safety standards. This synergy between FDM and ASAP will provide operators with invaluable, data-driven insights into flight behaviour and the underlying causes of events, further solidifying aviation safety measures.

For operators already utilising safety management systems and actively participating in the ACSF's Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP), the integration of the ACSF's FDM support solution will revolutionise safety practices.

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