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News from Business Air News
Comlux celebrates delivery of second ACJ TwoTwenty cabin
February 22, 2024
With the second of 15 ACJ 220 cabin completions under its belt, Comlux has engineered a full support package for operators, adding P&W for the engines to the Airbus airframe support and its own cabin commitment.
Comlux Completion takes on third ACJ TwoTwenty from Airbus
November 2, 2023
Airbus has delivered the third ACJ TwoTwenty to Indianapolis for Comlux to craft another of its sophisticated and technologically advanced aircraft cabins.
Eutelsat OneWeb brings connectivity to ACJ customers
October 19, 2023
The low latency and higher speed inherent in OneWeb's Low Earth Orbit network will facilitate a broad range of applications for passenger productivity and entertainment that to date have been out of reach while inflight.
December 7, 2022ACJ extends service network in US with Citadel
October 17, 2022Comlux becomes first centre approved on ACJ TwoTwenty
August 30, 2022ACJ analysis reveals scale of US private jet fleet
July 7, 2022Jet Aviation will manage ACJ319neo for charter
May 29, 2022CTT launches inflight humidification system for ACJ220
May 23, 2022Airbus opens creative studio for ACJ buyers
March 18, 2022Airbus selects CTT for TwoTwenty inflight humidification
February 14, 2022K5-Aviation contracts Fokker to complete first ACJ330-300
January 12, 2022Azorra orders two ACJ TwoTwentys
January 9, 2022First GTF-powered ACJ TwoTwenty is delivered to Comlux
December 23, 2021ACJ TwoTwenty joins Four Corners' Freedom service
December 16, 2021First flight of ACJ TwoTwenty precedes outfitting in US
December 16, 2021Deluge of developments for humidifier CTT
November 19, 2021Comlux takes order for Dubai-based ACJ TwoTwenty
November 18, 2021Alpha Star signs up for ACJ’s next gen IFE
November 1, 2021Industry chiefs issue joint call to action over aviation sustainability
October 1, 2021Kongo adds a splash of colour to the ACJ TwoTwenty
June 24, 2021ACJ and Philips forge deal for in-flight health monitoring
May 21, 2021Mirabel begins to assemble hotly-anticipated TwoTwenty
May 21, 2021Another customer opts for the rangey ACJ319neo
March 1, 2021ACJ becomes the latest OEM to link up with IADA
October 12, 2020Comlux first out of the blocks to order ACJ TwoTwenty
October 6, 2020Airbus launches ACJ TwoTwenty business jet
August 10, 2020K5 pleased to place luxurious ACJ319neo into service
March 3, 2020First ACJ320neo returns to Acropolis after green completion
January 20, 2020Airbus advocate Titan brings in rangey A321LRs
October 26, 2019A dozen ACJ operators combined on the web
September 15, 2019Comlux maintains status as leading neo operator
May 22, 2019CTT to add humidity to the ACJ family
May 21, 2019Four Seasons selects A321LR for air cruises
May 20, 2019German government buys three versatile ACJ350s
April 30, 2019Test programme initiated for first ACJ319neo
March 26, 2019Comlux prepares first ACJ320neo for service
January 21, 2019Acropolis accepts keys to first ACJ320neo
December 30, 2018Certification paves the way for the ACJ319neo
December 11, 2018MJet signs up for Skywise by Airbus
December 11, 2018Airbus to bring Aerokomm connectivity to the ACJ
November 26, 2018ACJ320neo completes first test flight
September 25, 2018Latest ACJ edges closer to first flight
June 12, 2018Lufthansa Technik to outfit wide body ACJ350s
June 12, 2018Lavish Harmony cabin now available for wide body ACJs
February 4, 2016Comlux furthers Airbus commitment with order for three from latest corporate generation
February 4, 2016K5 set to reach Tokyo in all weather conditions with ACJ319neo order
December 9, 2015K5 selects ACJ319neo to extend charter reach
July 8, 2015Alpha Star maintains vvip lead with ACJ319neo order
May 28, 2015Acropolis is first to fly ACJ320neo
September 12, 2013Me & my aircraft - long range and large business aircraft: Long range charter sector rides high despite the challenging world economy
July 10, 2013Comlux completes the set with ACJ321
May 13, 2013BUYER'S GUIDE: Geneva show set to bring the latest aircraft head-to-head
April 10, 2012K5 extends boundaries of ACJ operations with 120 approval
February 10, 2012Comlux commits sixth aircraft to Moscow
December 12, 2011Comlux orders its fourth Airbus type
November 8, 2011Tyrolean Jet takes next step up in widebody charter
November 8, 2011Privajet expands long-haul options with A319CJ
September 1, 2011White Airways receives third A319CJ
June 8, 2011Masterjet has a direct view of all passengers aboard its personalised A320
June 8, 2011Prestige completes the Comlux repertoire
April 5, 2011DC Aviation's A319CJ wins sky cruise business
March 9, 2011Rizon Jet adds ACJ to managed fleet
March 9, 2011Comlux plans more fleet additions as it diversifies large cabin aircraft management and aims for optimum overheads
December 1, 2010Special focus - MEBA show preview: European charter operators give priority to building quality business in the wider Middle East region
September 2, 2010AJA claims Middle East charter first
June 1, 2010Comlux refines appeal of its ACJs as it builds long haul capability
June 1, 2010DC Aviation adds managed A319s to expand long haul capability
June 1, 2010Acropolis ACJ to meet 600 hour luxury long haul target in first year of charter operation
March 3, 2010Tenth ACJ order confirms Comlux's top-end focus
February 3, 2010SRCA chooses multi-role A318 to spearhead expansion
December 10, 2009Omni brings even more luxurious third ACJ into service
November 10, 2009Masterjet readies 26-seat A320 for debut next year
August 11, 2009Comlux registers fourth ACJ and expands in Malta
June 5, 2009Mauboussin crafts aircraft jewels
May 6, 2009Me & My Aircraft: Airbus meets great expectations for comfort
February 4, 2009Comlux adds third AOC for 'seamless' services
December 2, 2008Middle East Focus: AJA order underlines charter operators' commitment to servicing regional growth in vip demand
December 2, 2008Middle East Focus: Comlux orders second A320
June 9, 2008Saudi Arabian clients confirm the first Prestige orders
June 9, 2008DC Aviation orders ACJs and Learjets as it builds huge modern charter fleet
June 9, 2008Boutsen Aviation reports growing ACJ demand
June 9, 2008Jetalliance responds to lifestyle demand
May 6, 2008Award highlights long-serving royal ACJ
December 4, 2007Saudi prince seals Flying Palace deal as larger private jets make a big impact on the Middle East market
December 4, 2007Middle East charter predicted to rise at 40 per cent per year
October 10, 2007JetAlliance builds an ACJ future that’s full of Eastern promise
October 10, 2007VistaJet chooses Airbus ACJs as flagship aircraft
June 27, 2007Comlux attracts vips with a 'space age' service
June 8, 2007Private investors commission two aircraft
June 8, 2007Orders for new aircraft continue unabated
March 28, 2007Troops and vips to use Czech Republic's ACJs
February 28, 2007Comlux goes for controlled expansion to double fleet size
February 1, 2007Saad Air outfits 80 seat A340-600 for vip charter
December 7, 2006Petters Aviation becomes launch U.S. A318 customer
November 2, 2006More Citations spearhead JetAlliance drive east
November 2, 2006Stumpf Group's new jet to be completed by September
November 2, 2006Boutsen reports new ACJ orders
August 16, 2006Airbus ACJ joins Twinjet's growing managed fleet
June 28, 2006Masterjet plans to double fleet
June 28, 2006End of the road for the VFW 614 as DLR modernises research fleet
June 28, 2006Twinjet switches to true ACJ, offers A319
June 28, 2006Airbus lands first three orders in Austria
June 2, 2006JetAlliance orders Elite and ACJ
March 31, 2006Czechs select ACJ duo
January 30, 2006National Air Service expands vip Airbus fleet with order for five A318 Elites
December 1, 2005Comlux orders trio of smaller Airbus ACJs
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