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Green Charter 2022
Green Charter 2022
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Airbus opens creative studio for ACJ buyers
In the Airbus creative studio, ACJ TwoTwenty customers can imagine and design their own luxury interior with the designers and technical specialists who will help guide and advise them along the visit.
The ACJ TwoTwenty Creative Studio is an immersive creative space where customers can step into a real-size section of the cabin and take a virtual walk through the space.

Airbus Corporate Jets (ACJ) has opened its exclusive new ACJ TwoTwenty creative studio in Toulouse, France.

The studio dedicated to ACJ customers showcases a real-size section of the ACJ TwoTwenty cabin, offering double the space and volume of any competitor aircraft, so they can customise it to make it their own. With an integrated use of virtual reality technology complemented by configurable customer-specific mock ups, all these assets available under one roof make the creative studio a unique and attractive one-stop shop for interior design.

“We are extremely proud to open this unique creative studio for our customers. Our ACJ TwoTwenty features unmatched personal space with 786 sq ft of floor space. It is important to make them feel the space and ultimate comfort it is bringing. Thanks to the latest technologies we offer our customers a real time and immersive design experience,” says president Benoit Defforge.

ACJ TwoTwenty customers will be invited to explore their layout ideas, see them develop, and adjust and review before immersing themselves in their perfect cabin. The unique experience of the ACJ TwoTwenty is reflected with hundreds of soft natural fabrics, plush carpets, smooth wood veneers and plated metal finishings. Customers will have the chance to study the array of colours under different lighting before deciding on their colour schemes for seating, carpets and walls or the wood effects and finishes for the handcrafted cabinets. They may also choose one of the three available cabin ambiences and one special Cyril Kongo edition configuration, which are part of the signature cabin catalogue.

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