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The monthly news publication for aviation professionals.

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Airbus selects CTT for TwoTwenty inflight humidification
No one wants dry eyes and jet lag on a long flight so humidification systems are crucial to passenger and crew comfort. CTT and ACJ will design such a system for the ACJ TwoTwenty, and CTT will go on to develop it.

Aircraft humidity control system developer CTT Systems has signed a development agreement with Airbus Corporate Jets (ACJ) for an inflight humidification (IFH) system for the ACJ TwoTwenty extra large business jet.

Under the terms of the partnership CTT and ACJ will design the system together and CTT will develop the humidification system; four humidifiers and one anti-condensation unit.

“We are delighted to be selected by Airbus to develop the humidification system for the ACJ TwoTwenty business jet,” says vice president and senior advisor sales Peter Landquist.

Without efficient humidification, the VIP and business jet cabin is far more dehydrating than any place on Earth at below five per cent relative humidity (RH). The inflight humidification system generates a striking humidity increase, restoring cabin air humidity to comfort and wellbeing levels of around 20°; 23 per cent RH. ACJ passengers will hereby benefit from reduced dry air related problems such as fatigue, jet lag, red eyes, dry skin and a degenerated immune system. Instead they will enjoy improved wellbeing and better sleep.

The CTT humidifier is based on evaporative cooling technology that effectively precludes the transfer of bacteria, and the ACJ TwoTwenty is protected by the CTT anti-fuselage condensation system against moisture issues such as rain-in-the-plane.

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