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ACJ TwoTwenty joins Four Corners' Freedom service
The ACJ TwoTwenty is the first all new business jet dedicated to the Corporate Jet as a Service programme from Freedom by Four Corners Aviation.

Dallas, Texas-based Four Corners Aviation will market Airbus Corporate Jets' extra-large cabin ACJ TwoTwenty as the first of an all new business jet to its clientele for its Freedom by Four Corners Aviation product entitled Corporate Jet as a Service (CJaaS).

Freedom by Four Corners Aviation provides clients with all the benefits of their own scalable aviation department as well as a customised and fully integrated ACJ TwoTwenty financed solution. It offers crew, operations and supplemental lift without the hassles of ownership such as administration, accounting and cost variabilities. It claims to open up business aviation to a wider clientele by providing an innovative and packaged solution.

“The ACJ TwoTwenty's superior cabin space and ability to connect London to Los Angeles directly all year long make it an excellent choice for the North American market,” says Brian Proctor, chief executive officer of Aquila Aviation Ventures, which holds Four Corners Aviation and Mente Group. “Furthermore, it's a true North American aircraft assembled in Canada, with engines from Connecticut and cabin completion performed in Indiana.”

ACJ president Benoit Defforge adds: “The ACJ TwoTwenty is a game changer, bringing a new value proposition to the business jet market, as is Four Corners' new offer. The Freedom programme simplifies the aviation travel experience for executives and high net worth individuals who care about getting to their destinations in comfort, yet offers a pioneering solution to aircraft ownership to access the ACJ TwoTwenty.”

"We are very pleased to be able to offer the ACJ TwoTwenty to our clientele,” says Four Corners Aviation president and COO Cameron Gowans. "The reliability of the Airbus platforms, their excellent customer support, a third-lower key operating cost drivers and twice-better residual value versus other large business jets, while delivering true intercontinental range, make the ACJ TwoTwenty very attractive to our Freedom customers.”

Four Corners Aviation was launched in November and branded as Freedom by Four Corners Aviation. This approach to business jet access protects and preserves shareholder and client capital.

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