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CTT to add humidity to the ACJ family
Air quality can make the difference for long haul passengers between emerging well rested or jet-lagged and red eyed. Airbus is to bring improved humidification to its ACJ320 family with the help of specialist CTT.
CTT Systems vice president sales and marketing Peter Landquist with Airbus Corporate Jets president Benoit Defforge.

Sweden-based aircraft humidity control products manufacturer CTT Systems has signed a memorandum of understanding with Airbus Corporate Jets to optimise a humidification system for the ACJ320 family to further improve cabin comfort.

Cabin humidity is typically low in VIP passenger aircraft cabins, but with a CTT humidification system it can be increased to better than 20 per cent by continuously introducing moisture to improve passenger comfort and well-being. Moisture build-up in insulation blankets will be avoided by combining a dryer with the humidifier to achieve balanced humidity.

“Airbus Corporate Jets lead in the comfort and space that they deliver to passengers, and introducing the option of better cabin humidification is part of our focus on continually improving the travel experience,” says president Benoit Defforge.

“Our shared goal is to create evenly distributed humidification throughout the VIP cabins of Airbus Corporate Jets, while minimising the potable water needed, bringing the benefit of our airliner experience to the world of private jets in an optimised and economic way,” says CTT Systems vice president sales and marketing Peter Landquist.

Without such a system, relative humidity is far below the recommended level for human comfort and well-being. With it, VIP passengers will, on long-haul flights, benefit from the reduction of dry air related problems such as fatigue, jet-lag, red eyes, dry skin and the spread of virus diseases, and also from improved well-being and sleep. The CTT IFH system utilises evaporative cooling technology that effectively precludes the transfer of bacteria and improves air quality by reducing particles in the cabin air. The system also offers total anti-condensation protection.

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