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News from Business Air News
Equinox launches Clean Sky Index for sustainable operators
December 20, 2022
The index allows travel buyers to favour environmentally-friendly aircraft operators when booking flights, and the 4Air relationship provides independent verification of sustainability impacts.
4Air simplifies aviation and ESG reporting
December 18, 2022
4Air's Regulatory Monitoring & Compliance Programme helps operators monitor their obligations to emissions reporting requirements, as well as SAF claims, and to fulfil them so as to be flying compliant.
Aircraft resale gains 4Air sustainability focus
November 29, 2022
GE Honda completes SAF testing of HF120 engine
October 25, 2022
Customers can be confident that the HF120 engine can help them meet their sustainability goals to reduce CO2 emissions in flight, and can sign up to 4Air's carbon offset programmes to reduce their overall footprint.
October 13, 2022Atlantic offers SAF scheme during NBAA-BACE show
September 29, 2022The ACA offers sustainability planning with 4Air
September 19, 2022Flexjet pioneers AGC-SAF and pilots blockchain documentation
August 18, 20224Air makes carbon offsetting available for GA
August 1, 2022Sentient Jet forecasts huge leap in 2022 emissions offset
August 1, 20224Air introduces SAF delivery receipts
June 16, 2022Sun Air signs up for 4Air offsets
May 25, 20224Air makes OEM partnerships carbon complimentary
April 28, 2022Volato gains Level One carbon neutral 4Air rating
April 24, 2022Flyers with flyExclusive gain carbon offset options
February 21, 2022Sentient Jet outstrips expected standards in sustainability
February 9, 2022Phillips 66 launches carbon offset programme
February 2, 2022Carbon-neutral Verijet moves into Caribbean
February 2, 2022FXAir is carbon-neutral for 2021 operations
February 2, 20224Air to offset Snow Polo emissions
January 27, 2022Clay Lacy is first to be certified Facilities Neutral by 4Air
January 17, 20224Air reviews first year of carbon neutral flights
December 15, 20214Air pushes forward on path to net zero flight
October 1, 20214Air aims to reduce carbon emissions for NBAA exhibition
September 17, 20214Air launches interactive SAF map for business jets
August 9, 2021Flexjet leads the way by using SAF at Monterey
June 26, 2021Sentient Jet gears up for plenty of post lockdown flying
May 21, 2021Flexjet commits to carbon reduction in Europe and beyond
April 25, 2021Jet Linx signs its customers up to 4AIR offset scheme
March 13, 2021PrivateFly uses Aviation Carbon Exchange to offset emissions
February 22, 2021Clay Lacy becomes 4AIR early adopter
February 1, 20214Air is for the planet as it introduces new schemes
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