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FXAir is carbon-neutral for 2021 operations
In 2021, FXAir offset 40,000 metric tons of CO2 via verified credits at no cost to its clients. The programme is managed by 4Air, and gives the company a way to offset emissions and generate real societal benefits.
During 2021, FXAir offset all CO2 emissions on all flights chartered on behalf of its clients, at no cost to those clients.

US on-demand charter provider and member of the Directional Aviation family of companies FXAir offset 40,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide in 2021, on behalf of its clients, through the use of carbon offset credits. Under the programme operated by 4Air, FXAir purchases carbon offset credits that finance projects that negate the impact on the climate of the CO2 emissions created by FXAir charter flights, at no cost to clients. FXAir clients also can voluntarily participate in additional programmes that offset not just CO2 but also other climate-change pollutants.

“Our premium charter clients understand the challenges posed by climate change and want to do their part in supporting environmental sustainability,” says FXAir president Gregg Slow. “The 4Air programme gives us a simple, efficient way to offset the emissions produced by jet aircraft and, at the same time, generate real societal benefits. We have been gratified by the enthusiastic response from our clients.”

During 2021, FXAir offset all CO2 emissions on all flights chartered on behalf of its clients, at no cost to those clients, with payments passed to projects such as deforestation prevention, clean wind-generated electricity in the upper midwest United States and wind turbine and other renewable energy projects.

The 4Air rating framework is aligned with industrywide carbon reduction goals and is fully consistent with international standards. The framework offers various levels, each with specific, science-based goals, independently verified results and progressively greater impacts on sustainability. 4Air manages the offsets, standards, verification, validation and retirement of carbon credits through the most respected and international leading bodies that issue and register credits.

FXAir is committed to the 4Air Bronze level, under which its charter flight operations are carbon-neutral by offsetting all of its CO2 emissions with verified carbon offset credits. In addition, some FXAir clients voluntarily increased their participation in 4Air programmes to offset all emissions that affect the climate, including non-carbon emissions such as soot, water vapour and contrails.

“Unique among North American charter providers, we went all-in on automatically offsetting every flight we arrange at no additional cost to our clients,” adds Slow. “In this case we are protecting not only our clients as ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) standards are increasingly scrutinised, but most importantly, are undertaking meaningful action to curb private jet travel's impact on climate change. We see this as another example of the refinement premium charter by FXAir provides over other charter offerings.”

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