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4Air is for the planet as it introduces new schemes
Through the 4Air rating, a system focused on sustainability in private aviation, 4Air offers benchmarks that are aligned with industry goals and consistent with international standards for reducing environmental impact.
The business aviation industry has a shared responsibility to be mindful of our planet.

4Air, an emissions reduction solution provider focused on helping private aviation participants to offset or reduce their emissions of carbon dioxide and other climate-related pollutants, has launched. The company's framework provides a simplified and verifiable path to mitigating the environmental impact of aviation activities for any company or individual in private aviation. The business is part of Directional Aviation.

“We are creating a new standard for sustainability in private aviation, giving those who own or fly on private aircraft the ability to address the environmental impacts of their flights,” says Kennedy Ricci, 4Air's president. “4Air starts where other environmental programmes end, with carbon neutrality, and continues on up to emission reductions and supporting the future of environmentally-friendly aviation. We don't want to merely neutralise the impact of private aviation, but instead make it part of the solution for long-term sustainability.”

COO Nancy Bsales adds: “Aviation directly represents two percent of global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, but the true impact on climate is closer to five percent when considering all emissions and non-CO2 impacts. The industry has made sweeping commitments to sustainability by 2050, and 4Air's programmes can help private aviation participants do their part.”

Through the 4Air rating, the first and only rating system focused on sustainability in private aviation, 4Air offers benchmarks that are aligned with industrywide goals and consistent with international standards. The framework offers four levels, each with specific, science-based goals, independently verified results and progressively greater impacts on sustainability: They are 4Air Bronze: Carbon-Neutral - Setting the Baseline; 4Air Silver: Emissions-Neutral; 4Air Gold: Emissions Reduction; and 4Air Platinum: Climate Champion.

4Air Platinum allows participants to support new technology in aviation with a contribution to the Aviation Climate Fund, a nonprofit aimed at supporting research and development in aviation sustainability. Direct contributions to the Aviation Climate Fund are made based on the participant's carbon footprint.

Earning a 4Air rating is as easy as a company or individual making a commitment to a specific level of the 4Air framework: Pledging to become carbon-neutral; to become emission-neutral; to generate direct emissions reductions; or to become a Climate Champion. A 4Air rating can be applied to existing sustainability efforts or offered as a turnkey full-service programme.

At the end of the year, 4Air certifies the accomplishments of each company or individual based upon relevant flight data, such as actual fuel consumption, in order to audit the previous year's commitment and retire final carbon offset credits earned. Companies that achieve or surpass the level they committed would be eligible for the coming year.

“The keystones of 4Air's framework are progressive steps, transparent accomplishments, industrywide collaboration and global acceptance and recognition,” explains Bsales. “Through a proprietary framework with ambitious goals, rigorous evaluation and full accountability, 4Air's process not only has effectiveness but also credibility with industry players. We look forward to setting a new standard for aviation sustainability.”

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