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Carbon-neutral Verijet moves into Caribbean
Verijet has seen a healthy take up by sustainability-minded travellers of its US east coast service after its launch in 2020. It has now extended its AI software and its Cirrus SF50 jets to Caribbean operations.
Verijet's air taxi Cirrus SF50 Vision Jets.
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Florida-based Verijet is making its first international expansion in to the Caribbean. Its aircraft now service south east and west coast regions of the US, along with the Caribbean.

The company's fleet of Cirrus SF50 Vision Jets gives access to smaller, more local airports, and its AI-powered booking service optimises travel departure and arrival points. The service will be available on a limited basis due to government restrictions and COVID.

Verijet says it saves over one ton of CO2 per hour of operation of its Vision Jets in comparison to other light jets. Last year the company partnered with the sustainability rating programme 4Air and gained a Bronze Rating signifying 100 per cent carbon neutral operations.

"We've seen tremendous adoption of our service on the east coast with 51 per cent repeat customers since launching in 2020, and we expect to see the same in the Caribbean market," says chairman and CEO Richard Kane. "Efficient and sustainable travel has been a foundational goal for Verijet. In partnership with 4Air, we can further reduce the carbon footprint of air travel through the purchase of carbon offset credits. Verijet provides an answer for those wishing to reduce their carbon footprint, support sustainable aviation and be able to enjoy holiday and business travel without guilt."

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