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SmartSky Networks   (U.S.A.)
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News from Business Air News
Davinci takes on SmartSky sales and installation
March 31, 2023
SmartSky receives STC for Falcon 900 connectivity
January 20, 2023
SmartSky puts prospective clients in the air
November 28, 2022
Demo flights showcase the advanced ATG connectivity hardware and service. Of the next-gen broadband connectivity systems talked about in the market today, only SmartSky is available for installation and use now.
SmartSky solutions are now available for Citation X
November 10, 2022
This Textron-owned STC enables owners of the more than 300 Cessna Citation X series aircraft to take advantage of SmartSky's US air-to-ground connectivity network.
October 25, 2022Skytelligence platform gets boost from weather partners
August 29, 2022SmartSky completes STC for Citation X
August 2, 2022SmartSky Networks achieves nationwide US coverage
April 30, 2022SmartSky names Thornton Aviation as sales and installer
April 17, 2022Jet It selects SmartSky for fleet-wide inflight connectivity
April 17, 2022Jet East to support SmartSky connectivity
April 7, 2022A new era for your inflight connectivity experience
March 21, 2022flyExclusive upgrades comms with SmartSky
February 28, 2022SmartSky brings Western Jet into sales fold
February 1, 2022SmartSky makes GAT a sales and installation partner
December 1, 2021Flying Colours inks SmartSky agreement
October 26, 2021SmartSky forges a path to superior connectivity
October 22, 2021SmartSky enhances data with AvMet's weather services
October 14, 2021SmartSky begins taking orders for fast connectivity solution
July 11, 2021FCC gives go ahead to SmartSky remote radiohead
June 24, 2021Honeywell named as SmartSky air-to-ground reseller
June 21, 2021Next generation SmartSky network gathers momentum
June 4, 2021Avionica and SmartSky to take advantage of connected ecosystem
March 27, 2021Claassen to assume SmartSky CTO role
March 19, 2021Comms expert SmartSky's patents hit the 200 mark
March 1, 2021SmartSky closes on cash to further connectivity
December 7, 2020Operators can use SmoothSky technology to find calm skies
October 18, 2020Helfgott takes CEO spot at SmartSky
April 4, 2020Gogo challenges SmartSky patent
January 27, 2020Innovative SmartSky achieves 150th patent
January 7, 2020Final funding for SmartSky ahead of network launch
September 8, 2019Duncan completes Challenger STC for SmartSky
August 12, 2019Mosaic helps SmartSky to piece together Skytelligence
August 5, 2019SmartSky Networks receives 130th connectivity patent
June 15, 2019SmartSky puts 5G to good use with patents pending
April 2, 2019StandardAero gains approval for SmartSky 4G LTE on Embraer
October 27, 2018Pentastar completes certification of SmartSky 4G LTE
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