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Operators can use SmoothSky technology to find calm skies
A new application by SmartSky called SmoothSky has been designed to help the business aviation market find calmer skies. It is intended to bring the benefits of the IATA Turbulence Aware Program to business aviation.

SmartSky Networks is launching SmoothSky, part of the company's ongoing collaboration with IATA, the global airline trade association. The application will use live weather and turbulence data from international commercial airline fleets, distributing it so that the business aviation market can find calmer skies.

SmoothSky is the first real-time crowdsourced turbulence avoidance application for business aviation and was created by feeding IATA's globally collected live airline data into SmartSky's Skytelligence platform, which then enables business aviation pilots and dispatchers to use live data beyond forecasts and subjective pilot reports. SmoothSky's real-time information enables route optimisation and better turbulence-management in pre-flight planning as well as using it continuously while airborne.

“Commercial air carriers using the IATA Turbulence Aware Program have seen improved safety and efficiency across their operations, and we are excited to exclusively bring these benefits to business aviation,” says SmartSky VP of digital solutions Brit Wanick. “SmartSky's partnerships and unique offerings allows us to be a leader in connecting the aviation ecosystem for an enhanced flying experience.”

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