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Final funding for SmartSky ahead of network launch
SmartSky Networks has received the final tranche of its $75m credit facility; recognition of progress on the nationwide rollout of its advanced wi-fi aviation network. The launch is planned for Q2 2020.
Nearly ten years in the making, Haynes Griffin plans a Q2 launch for the high speed SmartSky network.

North Carolina-based next-gen aviation inflight connectivity provider SmartSky Networks has received an additional $25 million from funds managed by the Global Credit Opportunities team at BlackRock, after surpassing an important network deployment milestone on its way towards beginning commercial operations during the second quarter of 2020. This represents a final draw down from a managed $75 million credit facility, from which $50 million was drawn initially, and was contingent upon the company making substantial progress on the nationwide network rollout, which it achieved in November.

“SmartSky has consistently been able to attract capital from top companies because there is strong support for our technology in aviation connectivity,” says chairman and CEO Haynes Griffin. “We appreciate the continued confidence from a respected and sophisticated firm such as BlackRock.”

SmartSky is building a new-generation network from the ground up with a novel single-beam-per-aircraft approach using both proven 4G LTE and emerging 5G technologies. It has undergone eight years of development backed by more than 140 patents and over 1,000 hours of flight testing.

“There is huge pent up demand for a fully capable airborne network that provides a phenomenal 10 times better experience in the sky while also opening significant possibilities for advancing aviation in maintenance, environmental, operational, financial and other areas,” adds president Ryan Stone.

Other News
SmartSky receives STC for King Air B200 through 360
July 5, 2024
The STC delivers high-performance to a series of aircraft that has long been underserved by inflight connectivity. King Air pilots and passengers can now connect to whatever they want, without limitations.
Aero Center Atlanta joins SmartSky dealer network
June 20, 2024
SmartSky LITE is for light jets and turboprops, connecting a class of airframes that has not previously had a streaming-level solution. Aero Center Atlanta's sales and installation teams are excited to offer the upgrade.
Volato HondaJets to benefit from SmartSky LITE
June 17, 2024
Volato CEO Matt Liotta is determined to exceed expectations each flight, and the latest development should do just that – SmartSky LITE is being installed in the first HondaJet in the Volato fleet, for top connectivity.