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The monthly news publication for aviation professionals.

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Volato inks deal for fractional inflight connectivity
SmartSky LITE's high-quality connections and software-defined features will keep up with new tech without requiring new hardware, so Volato customers can keep flying without disruption to service.
Volato's new aircraft deliveries will be fitted with SmartSky’s next-generation inflight wi-fi.

HondaJet operator Volato is to equip its fractional fleet with SmartSky LITE inflight wi-fi systems. The technology will initially be installed on more than 20 new aircraft, with the option to upgrade existing aircraft.

"Outstanding customer experience is a critical point of differentiation for Volato, and inflight wi-fi with streaming-level performance is a very important part of that overall experience," says COO Mike Prachar. "After evaluating the available wi-fi options for our fleet, SmartSky demonstrated the capability to deliver the high-quality connected experience our customers expect. We were also attracted to the fact that its software-defined features will allow us to keep up with new technology developments without requiring new hardware, so we can keep our customers flying with no disruptions to service or the latest inflight wi-fi speeds."

"Partnering with an operator like Volato is especially exciting because of the excellence and efficiency it demonstrates in all of its private aviation services. It is fitting for Volato customers to experience the kind of connectivity that makes flying more productive and enjoyable, so that they land happy," adds SmartSky president Ryan Stone. "Whether on smaller airframes or larger cabins, SmartSky users experience the same streaming-level performance from the most advanced inflight connectivity ever built."

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