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Jet It selects SmartSky for fleet-wide inflight connectivity
Jet It will be the first operator to use SmartSky's LiTE inflight connectivity once the STC is approved for HondaJet aircraft. Installation is expected this summer.
The largest US operator of HondaJets will be the first to install SmartSky LiTE.

North Carolina-based fractional private aviation operator Jet It has selected SmartSky Network's inflight connectivity service for its fleet of private jets. Jet It will be the first operator to install and use SmartSky's LiTE configuration designed specifically for light jet and turboprop aircraft.

The LiTE configuration extends SmartSky's patented air-to-ground (ATG) network technology to smaller business jets where connectivity options with sustained, multi-gigabyte per hour performance have previously not been available. SmartSky's system delivers dependable, responsive and secure connectivity for high-bandwidth applications and real-time data transfer to and from the aircraft for everything from video calling and live streaming to operational flight data that improves efficiency.

Jet It CEO and founder Glenn Gonzales says: “At Jet It, we focus on providing our members an ownership experience without compromise, and selecting SmartSky for our fleet-wide fast connectivity solution is no exception. Its advanced technology and hardware, combined with a choice of configurations, are a great fit for both our HondaJet and Gulfstream aircraft where we will be able to support both passenger and operational connectivity needs.”

SmartSky CEO Dave Helfgott adds: “The selection of SmartSky demonstrates Jet It's commitment to being a leader in business aviation and continuing to deliver exceptional comfort, convenience and value for its membership. It is a step it is choosing to take now to provide its owners with the best inflight connectivity and flying experience possible.”

SmartSky's network is live and its flagship hardware system is available now with supplemental type certificates (STCs) for many popular business jets. An STC for the HondaJet and installation of SmartSky LiTE on Jet It's fleet is expected this summer.

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SmartSky completes STC for Citation X
August 29, 2022
With the hardware installed, the Citation X aircraft made its inaugural flights using SmartSky's enhanced ATG network in June and the FAA STC was issued on 12 August.
SmartSky Networks achieves nationwide US coverage
August 2, 2022
The service brings connectivity and capability said to transcend previous solutions, particularly in the ATG sector. Initial customers are using the service to send data off the aircraft as easily as they stream it on.
Tech investment gives flyExclusive fleet the avionics edge
June 11, 2022
flyExclusive is advancing the efficiency, reliability and safety of ten of its Citation Excel aircraft with the installation of the Garmin G5000 advanced flight deck.