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SmartSky enhances data with AvMet's weather services
On SmartSky Networks' Skytelligence, AvMet Application's data services are available for access where they can be fused with other operational data, such as real-time turbulence from IATA.
SmartSky Networks president Ryan Stone.

AvMet Applications has joined SmartSky Networks' Skytelligence platform to offer its actionable weather data and analysis to the aviation community. Business and commercial avionics developers and operators have selective, data driven access to hi-resolution historical weather event forecasts through a flexible platform.

On Skytelligence, AvMet's data services are available for access where they can be fused with other operational data, such as real-time turbulence from IATA through a common storefront that provides application developers with instant access to global data required to deliver real-time, critical advisory applications.

“Data-driven decision making is the future of aviation operations,” says AvMet Applications president Mark Klopfenstein, “and SmartSky's Skytelligence provides an ideal platform for AvMet to bring our weather impact data solutions to the aviation community. We look forward to working with SmartSky to develop new and enhanced capabilities to power aviation's digital transformation.”

Ryan Stone, president SmartSky Networks adds: “Data is at the heart of everything we do at SmartSky and integrating providers like AvMet into Skytelligence is essential to ensuring we provide our users with access to data at the right place and the right time so they can make real-time decisions as easily at 35,000 feet as they would on the ground.”

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