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News from Business Air News
The pros and cons of crypto payments in private aviation
July 4, 2022
Despite a reputation for instability, growing numbers of business aviation clients are drawn to the speed and limitless size of cryptocurrency transactions. Ecommpay manager Dmitrij Sheninsh looks at the risks and rewards.
PrivateFly sees card sales soar as it updates product line
April 7, 2022
PrivateFly has seen record jet card sales for the first quarter, with a 258 per cent uplift in demand. Its jet card options now include a super-midsize category and the forecast is for strong demand into the summer.
PrivateFly fixes large cabin, extended range rates
December 3, 2021
PrivateFly predicts that airlines will struggle to meet the needs of travellers as air travel picks up. Its Aviator clients can choose extended range fixed rate pricing when flying to the US, Caribbean and Dubai from the UK.
October 1, 2021Flexjet and PrivateFly see demand soar going into autumn
August 9, 2021PrivateFly membership caters to emerging customer base
May 10, 2021Directional branches into vertical lift with Halo and AAG
March 13, 2021PrivateFly uses Aviation Carbon Exchange to offset emissions
February 22, 2021PrivateFly clients right on the money with Bitcoin payments
January 11, 2021More mergers into larger fleets could be on the horizon
December 21, 2020PrivateFly grows despite 2020 challenges
December 14, 2020Winter destinations are the focus for PrivateFly fixed rates
November 15, 2020PrivateFly hires are ready to seize opportunities
October 18, 2020PrivateFly report demonstrates appeal of European hops
September 26, 2020Donegal tops PrivateFly's scenic airport list for third year
August 16, 2020PrivateFly deluged with last minute enquiries
August 11, 2020PrivateFly encourages clients to put it on the card
April 28, 2020Long haul evacuations are way up for PrivateFly
February 17, 2020US west coast growth in sight for PrivateFly appointee
February 2, 2020Bottomley tops PrivateFly music and entertainment sector
January 27, 2020PrivateFly has client airborne within 16 minutes
December 27, 2019Business aviation predicted to lead with electric aircraft
November 5, 2019PrivateFly up in Europe this quarter
November 1, 2019EBAA works with young professionals on sustainability
October 15, 2019PrivateFly launches new season route pairings
August 20, 2019Slow to coach sales teams in the US for PrivateFly
July 23, 2019PrivateFly offers fixed price US flights
July 22, 2019PrivateFly insights reflect global footprint
May 5, 2019Seat selling promises much, but does it deliver?
April 30, 2019PrivateFly incentivises city pair flights
April 9, 2019Digital charter boost comes from integration of DA companies
March 26, 2019Donegal in Ireland holds top spot for spectacular landings
February 5, 2019Ricci singled out for extraordinary accomplishments
January 7, 2019PrivateFly CEO forecasts exciting times ahead
December 4, 2018PrivateFly launches €6,000 route from London to Geneva
October 27, 2018Summer survey reveals Mediterranean hotspots
September 12, 2018PrivateFly becomes part of largest digital on-demand charter provider
June 7, 2017Germany still leads the way, as EMEA travellers favour charter
May 4, 2017Sapphire Pegasus builds on previous success in Prague
October 21, 2015GlobeAir marketing campaign creates competitive 'air race'
July 3, 2014GlobeAir launches instant access booking service with PrivateFly
July 3, 2014LEA places stamp of approval on Airops quote generator
February 6, 2014FOCUS ON SOCHI: Foreign operators may be frozen out with Sochi traffic set to surge
September 10, 2012London will benefit in the long-term, says PrivateFly
October 3, 2011Successful BGAD show names the day for 2012
April 5, 2011PERSPECTIVES – Business aviation through the eyes of the charter broker: Online and on call: it's a typical day in the life of the charter broker
April 5, 2011PERSPECTIVES – Business aviation through the eyes of the charter broker: The achievement of pet desires proves it's a dog's life
April 5, 2011Brokers shoulder normal and emergency workloads as disasters strike worldwide
December 1, 2010Special focus - Very light jets: Operators develop home markets after grand pan-European designs fly into reality check
October 6, 2010Special focus - Shows: Buyers emerge from the shadows as the leading air shows get back to business as usual
April 28, 2010Operators criticise the chaotic fall-out from eruption of Icelandic volcano
July 8, 2009BGAD 09 proves a networking success
September 29, 2008TAG adds Scottish flavour as global family jets in for surprise reunion celebrations
July 25, 2007Network to fill empty seats launched
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