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PrivateFly fixes large cabin, extended range rates
PrivateFly predicts that airlines will struggle to meet the needs of travellers as air travel picks up. Its Aviator clients can choose extended range fixed rate pricing when flying to the US, Caribbean and Dubai from the UK.
PrivateFly's Aviator members get fixed rate pricing for long haul flights.

PrivateFly has launched a fixed rate offering for a selection of popular long distance route pairs. Its Aviator membership clients will be able to take advantage of a new menu of extended range fixed rate pricing when flying to specific destinations from the UK such as the US, the Caribbean and Dubai.

The offering provides a competitive, fixed hourly rate for longer route pairs on a range of premium large cabin aircraft from PrivateFly's network of private jet operators. Clients can choose a heavy jet, seating up to 12 passengers, or an ultra long range jet, which can carry up to 18, depending on the route. For those looking to make longer trips, this removes the uncertainty of fluctuating market pricing, which is currently a significant factor given the high demand for private jets.

Extended range rates are exclusively available to the company’s Aviator members. This membership, launched to cater for an emerging customer base generated by the pandemic, is based on funds held on account and an annual membership fee of 10,000 euros, and benefits include enhanced cancellation terms; 'fly further' flight credits of up to two per cent of funds deposited; premium catering and inclusive de-icing; and a London airport helicopter transfer each year. A 300 per cent carbon offset is also included for every flight.

“The ability to provide our loyal charter clients with new services and innovative solutions to their needs is something we are very proud of, and contributes to PrivateFly's outstanding reputation in the private aviation market,” says Marine Eugène, European managing director of PrivateFly and Flexjet. “Our new extended range pricing adds to the considerable benefits available to our Aviator members and will provide enhanced booking confidence to the many who are now planning intercontinental trips in the coming months, including long-awaited travel to the US or winter holidays to Dubai and the Caribbean. It provides the reassurance of being able to avoid the uncertainty of open market quotes, which can vary widely in the current market conditions.”

When travelling between the UK and the US or Caribbean, flights will be priced at 13,500 euros per hour on ultra long range jets, on models including the Gulfstream G650, Global 5000/6000 and Falcon 7X/8X.

For flights between the UK and the Middle East, the fixed hourly rate is 11,700 euros for heavy jets including the Challenger 600, Legacy 600/650 and Falcon 900, or 13,500 euros per hour for ultra long range jet models.

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