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Lilium Jet

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News from Business Air News
Lilium launches China legal entity for Bao'an District base
June 13, 2024
Building a regional HQ in the district will establish Lilium as an active industry player in the region’s low altitude economy. It is the first European eVTOL OEM selected to operate in the district.
Dedienne will tool up for Lilium
June 11, 2024
Dedienne Aerospace will be there supporting Lilium’s engineering, ramp-up production and ground equipment availability for every flight and location.
Share offerings bring $114m to Lilium coffers
June 7, 2024
Lilium Jet draws interest from island nations and for congested commutes
June 4, 2024
May 30, 2024eVolare inks deal for at least four Lilium Jets
May 29, 2024Lilium Jet to take flight in French Riviera in 2026
May 20, 2024Lilium begins construction of certification test facility
May 15, 2024Lilium to expand industrial footprint with high-volume facilities in France
May 8, 2024UrbanLink inks deal with Lilium for 20 eVTOL jets
May 3, 2024ArcosJet sees the UAE as a springboard for the emergence of eVTOLs
May 1, 2024Full-scale Lilium Jet model to be unveiled at EBACE
April 25, 2024Honeywell sensors selected to help guide Lilium Jet
April 17, 2024Production of Lilium battery packs gets under way
April 3, 2024Lilium installs Garmin standby flight instruments for eVTOL
March 29, 2024EBACE 2024 to debut AAM aircraft in airport showcase
March 14, 2024Lilium to prepare Atlantic network for regional eVTOL operations
February 28, 2024Lilium gears up for production of electric propulsion units
February 26, 2024Lilium launches Power-On services and powers up with Star Charge
February 22, 2024PhilJets will bring Lilium eVTOLs to the Philippines
February 12, 2024Lilium designates future Orlando Vertiport as key network hub
February 2, 2024AJW brings material management to Lilium's aftermarket services
December 11, 2023Lufthansa and Lilium approach eVTOL partnership
December 7, 2023Lilium Jet sets off along assembly line
November 27, 2023CITIC tasks Lilium with eVTOL service in China's GBA
November 27, 2023Lilium receives EASA Design Organisation Approval
November 16, 2023ArcosJet commits to buy ten Lilium Jets
November 2, 2023ArcosJet appointed dealer for Lilium Jet in Middle East
October 23, 2023Lilium puts first eVTOL for private sale in US
October 2, 2023Lilium starts assembly of electric propulsion system
September 21, 2023Lilium commences first jet fuselage assembly
September 14, 2023Lilium fills gaps in jet fuselage with Saint-Gobain
July 20, 2023German tech investors are among Lilium's latest supporters
July 7, 2023Completion of final audit puts Lilium in line for DOA approval
July 1, 2023FAA gives stamp of approval to Lilium Jet
June 26, 2023UrbanV plans Riviera vertiport launch with Lilium
June 21, 2023Shenzhen Eastern commits to a hundred Lilium Jets
May 25, 2023ASL puts pen to paper for half a dozen Lilium Pioneers
May 25, 2023Air-Dynamic of Switzerland puts faith in Lilium
May 15, 2023Lilium gets FSI on board for flight training devices
May 9, 2023Lilium Jet enters powered test campaign at Europe's largest wind tunnel facility
May 4, 2023Lilium fires up jet development with capital raise
March 2, 2023Lilium tasks Collins with inceptor system build
February 2, 2023Lilium inks agreements for EWIS and fan
December 6, 2022eVolare contracts with Lilium for Pioneer fleet
November 25, 2022Fresh capital sets Lilium on the path to manned flight
October 31, 2022Lilium selects Saudia for airline partnership
October 1, 2022GlobeAir commits to Lilium Jet purchase
July 23, 2022Diehl will supply cabin interior elements for Lilium Jet
July 23, 2022Europe’s operators plan networks with Lilium-sourced sustainability
July 20, 2022Bristow partners with Lilium on 50 jet deal
July 20, 2022Lilium selects extra light data recorder for eVTOL jet
July 5, 2022Lilium engages Astronics for secondary power distribution
June 22, 2022Lilium sits down with Expliseat for design and build
June 9, 2022Lilium achieves main wing transition and appoints CEO
May 31, 2022Lilium engages battery tech and propulsion mount specialists
May 25, 2022Lilium e-motor gains traction from Honeywell and DENSO
May 23, 2022Lilium files 37 new patent applications
April 30, 2022Second audit pushes Lilium closer to certification
April 14, 2022Lilium submits means of compliance proposals to EASA
April 6, 2022Lilium begins flight testing in Spain
April 6, 2022The importance of exploiting the eVTOL opportunity
March 10, 2022NetJets plans a sustainable fleet of up to 150 Lilium Jets
January 31, 2022Lilium hires Strachan to pilot flight tests at ATLAS
November 4, 2021Lilium adds Stuttgart to growing German network
October 22, 2021ABB to turbocharge infrastructure for Lilium
October 13, 2021Honeywell adds Anthem cloud connected cockpit system
September 28, 2021Lilium and Qell agree funding for jet launch
June 21, 2021Lilium calls on Honeywell for flight control system
May 29, 2021Luxaviation to bring European know-how to Lilium
April 4, 2021Lilium should do well in partnership with Qell
March 1, 2021Aciturri brings Lilium Jet closer to realisation
February 1, 2021Lilium and Ferrovial strike vertiports deal
December 14, 2020Lilium and Lufthansa agree eVTOL training deal
November 15, 2020Lilium and Tavistock team up to bring eVTOL to Florida
June 15, 2020Lilium Jets to benefit from funding investments
May 24, 2019Lilium air taxi achieves maiden flight
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