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Lilium launches Power-On services and powers up with Star Charge
High performance chargers will power Lilium’s ground and flight test aircraft, and the OEM is launching a customer service organisation for battery management, maintenance, flight ops, training and digital solutions.
Lilium estimates the services market for the Lilium Jet will reach at least $5 billion by 2035.

Lilium has placed a first order of 120 chargers for its ground and flight testing aircraft, as well as for its aircraft maintenance and delivery centre activities, with Star Charge. Lilium will also provide charging stations to its customers investing in vertiports.

Lilium previously announced its adoption of the Combined Charging System (CCS) standard for rapid charging. Star Charge's customised, fast-charging system will be fully compatible with the Lilium Jet and other eVTOLs compatible with CCS. The chargers will feature an extra-long liquid cooled charging cable for high-performance charging, suitable for varied landing infrastructure.

By using Star Charge's CCS chargers, Lilium expects to reduce charging times significantly, in comparison to other chargers without liquid cooled charging cables. Reduced charging times will support reduced turnaround times between flights and provide higher utilisation of the Lilium Jet.

"Our partnership with Star Charge will support the Lilium Jet's development and certification along with our customers' ground infrastructure development. Its high performance and liquid cooled charging cable is a unique feature and Star Charge's proven expertise in charging infrastructure is crucial for regional air mobility," says CCO Sebastien Borel.

"We are grateful to have received the first order of CCS chargers by a leading eVTOL manufacturer and look forward to commencing deliveries this year," adds Star Charge Europe CEO Ji Cheng. "We look forward to partnering with Lilium to power the next generation of mobility, offering greater time-saving benefits to passengers while considerably reducing the environmental impact of travel."

The OEM has appointed senior Lilium executive Dominique Decard to head the eVTOL industry's first customer service organisation, Lilium Power-On. This newly established business unit will offer the full aircraft manufacturer services portfolio, including training services, maintenance operations, material and battery management and global distribution, flight operations support, ground service equipment and digital solutions.

"As regional air mobility accelerates, our partners can rely on Lilium to provide a comprehensive aircraft manufacturer service organisation," says CEO Klaus Roewe. "The team is focused on enabling seamless, efficient services and support through premium aftermarket products and world-class partners. With an experienced leader like Dominique at the helm, we are confident Lilium Power-On will offer outstanding customer service while strengthening Lilium's business."

Work began on Lilium Power-On two years ahead of the Lilium Jet's expected entry into service. Lilium has already announced a number of partnerships for its services business, including flight training with Lufthansa Aviation Training and FlightSafety International, and global material services with AJW Group, as well as digital aircraft health management solutions with Palantir.

"As we officially launch Lilium Power-On, our priority will be to test the full range of products and services to support our future operators during our flight testing campaign and continue to contract and onboard the best partners for our working ecosystem," says Decard. "The services revenue and contribution margins will play a crucial role in Lilium's profitability. I am excited to lead this organisation from the very beginning with a clear vision for our customers."

Dominique Decard is a Franco-German engineer with degrees from TU Munich and Oxford University. He has 20 years of experience in senior leadership positions in France, Germany, Spain and the UK in airline operations, the creation of production platforms and new business models, customer support organisations and market entry strategy development. He joined Lilium in 2018 and is currently VP Flight Operations & Customer Service, having previously served as director flight test Spain. In his new role, he will report to chief commercial officer Sebastien Borel.

Lilium began production of the Lilium Jet in late 2023, following its DOA by EASA. As Lilium expects to enter into service in 2026 and as its global fleet size grows, Lilium expects material profit contribution in recurring revenue from its aftermarket service business, including electrical chargers.

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Production of Lilium battery packs gets under way
April 17, 2024
The first units off the battery assembly line will be used for verification testing ahead of the Lilium Jet's first piloted flight. Each aircraft will be equipped with ten independently functioning power packs.
Lilium installs Garmin standby flight instruments for eVTOL
April 3, 2024
Lilium began assembly of the first Lilium Jet at its manufacturing and testing facilities near Munich at the end of 2023. The first piloted flight test is targeted to occur in late 2024.
Lilium to prepare Atlantic network for regional eVTOL operations
March 14, 2024
Lilium is to help electrify existing airport infrastructure across Atlantic Aviation's US FBO network to ensure the compatibility of current and future vertiports with Lilium Jets in support of regional air mobility  .