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GlobeAir commits to Lilium Jet purchase
GlobeAir is to purchase 12 Lilium Jets for leisure flights in northern Italy and the French Riviera. This last mile service, particularly where vertical landing is required, will be an attractive time-saver for its customers.
The Austrian AOC operator intends to purchase 12 Lilium Jets to provide eVTOL flights to its customer base in the French Riviera and northern Italy.
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Austria-based Citation Mustang operator GlobeAir has signed a memorandum of understanding with Germany-based eVTOL aircraft developer Lilium for the purchase of 12 Lilium Jets to operate in northern Italy and the French Riviera.

This MoU represents a significant milestone for GlobeAir as it joins Lilium in advancing sustainable air mobility, kicking off a mutually beneficial partnership to develop a long-term strategic collaboration to improve sustainability and advance new technologies. GlobeAir has continued to invest in research and development in terms of innovation, sustainability, safety and efficiency to provide more quality time for its passengers. The operator has been investigating technological advancements in eVTOL aircraft since 2016.

Sustainability is a key priority for GlobeAir as it recognises its environmental impact and takes bold steps to lessen its footprint. With zero operating emissions with low vibrations, GlobeAir believes the Lilium Jet will revolutionise the aviation sector.

eVTOL aircraft represent the next generation of regional air mobility as the industry moves away from fossil fuels, powered as they are by electric propulsion and high energy density lithium-ion batteries rather than jet fuel. GlobeAir believes the air transport sector's new positioning requires an extensive production process investment and direct and structural changes in aircraft design and construction. It has identified Lilium as the most advanced player in research and development in the eVTOL sector.

'We are proud to be partnering with Lilium as it is changing how we think about aviation and is working to revolutionise how people travel. Technological breakthroughs, a forward-thinking mindset and a drive to deliver quality time that fits customer expectations have propelled Lilium to the forefront of next-generation air travel,' says GlobeAir CEO Bernhard Fragner.

With key suppliers already confirmed, Honeywell, Denso and Aernnova are expected to support the development of Lilium's electric motors and mounting propulsion system, respectively. Customcells is expected to supply lithium products to produce Lilium's battery cells using Zenlabs' technology. Project manager Iva Bobkova is confident that key suppliers will help make the Lilium Jet an excellent investment for GlobeAir.

"The Lilium Jet will significantly add to the GlobeAir experience, providing its passengers with more quality time," she says. "Completing that last mile with seamless travel is essential in the customer journey. With increased flight demand, allowing the new and flexible means of private air travel is now more critically important than ever. The first phase will be for leisure travellers focusing on the Cote d'Azur and Italian region. It will be greatly beneficial, especially during the busy summer months."

'We are thrilled to partner with GlobeAir, one of the leading European providers in on demand air mobility. The French Riviera and Italy are key markets, and we are confident that our shared commitment to innovation and partnership will result in a premium customer experience,' adds Lilium SVP commercial Sebastien Borel.

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