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The monthly news publication for aviation professionals.

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Lilium fills gaps in jet fuselage with Saint-Gobain
The custom-designed windows will have a lightweight construction and improved visibility enhancement, such as limiting icing and fogging phenomenon.
Lilium and Saint-Gobain Aerospace have teamed up for bespoke windows and windshields.

Lilium has engaged Saint-Gobain Aerospace for the development, series production and customer support of the Lilium Jet's transparencies (windows and windshields).

With several decades of experience in the aviation market, Saint-Gobain Aerospace is a tier-one supplier of cockpit and cabin windows for all major commercial aircraft and helicopter manufacturers, and this partnership continues Lilium's strategy of working with established aerospace suppliers to support certification and scaled production.

The custom-designed windows will have a lightweight construction and improved visibility enhancement, such as limiting icing and fogging phenomenon, all of which will contribute to the aircraft's performance and operational goals and reduce energy consumption. The windows will provide best-in-class product reliability and an extended operating lifetime, while also delivering cabin comfort through excellent visibility, acoustic insulation and temperature and light control. Additionally, the cockpit windshields will be designed to meet regulatory requirements, providing optimal pilot visibility and bird strike resistance for pilot protection.

Saint-Gobain will work to continuously improve the performance of the windows throughout the partnership as well as bring new capabilities and solutions that enhance the aircraft's mission.

Lilium senior vice president procurement Martin Schuebel says: “Drawing on decades of expertise in the aviation industry, Saint-Gobain Aerospace will bring best-in-class window innovation to the Lilium Jet. Our partnership is yet another step towards delivering unparalleled passengers experience while meeting the stringent safety and performance requirements of the aviation industry.”

Sylvain Mourlhon, Saint-Gobain sales director adds: “The eVTOL market is a promising and strategic market. Saint-Gobain Aerospace is determined to bring innovative solutions to support a safer and greener aviation industry.”

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Lilium commences first jet fuselage assembly
September 21, 2023
This is the first of seven fuselages for the seven aircraft Lilium will use to achieve type certification of the Lilium Jet. The first manned flight is planned for late 2024.
German tech investors are among Lilium's latest supporters
July 20, 2023
Lilium has successfully arranged a $192m capital raise, giving a total fund raise so far this year of just under $300m.
Completion of final audit puts Lilium in line for DOA approval
July 7, 2023
An aerospace company in Europe can neither hold a type certificate nor undertake or approve design activity without a DOA. Lilium has now completed all four EASA DOA audits and should gets its certificate this year.