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PhilJets will bring Lilium eVTOLs to the Philippines
PhilJets intends to operate 10 Lilium Jets across the southeast Asia region, initially in the Philippines and Cambodia.
The Philippines is well suited for eVTOLs to effectively connect thousands of islands.

PhilJets is to purchase 10 Lilium Jets for eVTOL operations across the Philippines and other southeast Asia countries, specifically Cambodia. Together with Lilium, it will develop a future service by jointly defining routes, city pairs and passenger demand for an on demand eVTOL service. Both companies will also identify potential sites, requirements and partners for landing infrastructure, including the identification of vertiport partners, sharing vertiport specifications and access to Lilium's existing network of charging hardware providers.

The Philippines is a country with more than 7,500 islands. Lilium's approach for regional air mobility is a perfect fit for eVTOL service there, and will also showcase the broader opportunities for island nations across the globe.

PhilJets currently operates a fleet comprising 15 private jets and helicopters, with plans to expand further in the next three years, and has a maintenance services affiliate entity supporting over 100 helicopters.

This particularly positions the Philippines and Cambodia for success in aviation decarbonisation, with both capital cities currently undergoing development of new major airports in Bulacan and Phnom Penh.

PhilJets chairman Thierry Tea says: "Our team is proud to collaborate with Lilium on the mission to transform the Philippine's mobility with eVTOLs. With its growing economy, geography and important tourism industry, the Philippines is a great match for the Lilium Jet's capabilities. Innovation in aviation is gaining traction among regulators, urban planners and industry leaders of worldwide economies. Providing efficient connectivity to customers while reducing carbon emissions is a major focus for air transport operators such as PhilJets. We are also looking forward to bringing this technology into Cambodia and other countries in the region."

Lilium CCO Sebastien Borel adds: "Our strategic partnership with PhilJets will expand our footprint even further in Asia, bringing the Lilium Jet to southeast Asia. The Philippines is well suited for eVTOLs to effectively connect thousands of islands together through sustainable and high-speed air mobility. Asia is a key market for Lilium, and with the unique topographical challenges this region presents, the innovative design of the Lilium Jet is uniquely suited to address them."

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