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Second audit pushes Lilium closer to certification
In order to achieve type certification, Lilium must complete Design Organisation Approval. Two audits are done, two more to go. This takes the company much closer to EASA and FAA approvals.
The Lilium Jet has completed the second of four DOA audit stages.
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Lilium has successfully completed the second Design Organisation Approval (DOA) audit by EASA. DOA is a fundamental requirement for all commercial aircraft manufacturers and enables achievement of type certification of an aircraft.

The completion of the audit demonstrates that Lilium is following the rigorous design processes agreed with EASA and represents a further milestone on its path to type certification and subsequent serial production of its conforming aircraft. Two further EASA DOA audits will be required for Lilium to receive the organisational approval, which complements the certification and development programme. The fourth and final EASA DOA audit and granting of EASA DOA is anticipated to coincide with type certification of the Lilium Jet.

Lilium initially applied for EASA DOA in 2017. In parallel, it is working toward the type certification of its Lilium Jet, for which the EASA certification basis (CRI-A01) was received in 2020.

EASA's type certification process consists of technical familiarisation and certification basis; establishment of the certification programme; and compliance demonstration. As part of the second step, EASA and Lilium are required to define and agree on the means to demonstrate compliance of the aircraft type with each requirement of the certification basis. Lilium is pursuing concurrent certification of its Lilium Jet with the FAA under the provisions of the Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreement between the European Union and the US.

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April 28, 2022
Eve and Thales are taking eVTOL aircraft development to Brazil. UAM will bring many advantages to the country, particularly environmental advantages thanks to the use of clean energy.
Lilium submits means of compliance proposals to EASA
April 14, 2022
The submission of a full set of means of compliance proposals to EASA represents a milestone on the path to certifying the Lilium Jet, Lilium's eVTOL aircraft.
Lilium begins flight testing in Spain
April 6, 2022
Lilium has begun flight testing at ATLAS flight test centre. It will conduct a full flight test campaign including full transition and high speed flight, and plans to introduce an additional demonstrator aircraft.