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Lilium Jet draws interest from island nations and for congested commutes
Lilium's EBACE stand was packed every day as it showcased a full size model of the Lilium Jet for the first time ever. Reiner Ohler talks about putting it into service.
The debut of Lilium's full size model Lilium Jet.
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Lilium drew the crowds as it debuted its full size model at this year’s EBACE exhibition. "The company is currently producing aircraft number two," says spokesman Rainer Ohler. "The first is already advanced but not finished yet; its going for ground testing later this summer, in Munich. The second one should be doing piloted test flights, hopefully before the end of the year."

There has been considerable customer interest leading to 780 MoUs and around 60 firm orders. Production will start slowly but Lilium wants to get into the hundreds before the end of the decade. "Definitely at 40 jets in the first few years of the next decade," he adds.

Interest has come from around the globe. “Either from HNWIs who want to replace their helicopters with something quieter, safer and CO2-free, or from those who want to do a shuttle service or replace the corporate jet,” he continues.

There will be a Pioneer four seat club version or a Premier six seater for shuttle service, perhaps connecting Stansted with downtown London or Heathrow airport. "The dimensions of a helicopter landing pad are around 40x40m, and the Lilium Jet will fit exactly into any heliport or airport. Then all you need is a charger and off you go. At the beginning, its maximum range will be 175km, but this should get to 350km by the end of decade as battery tech improves. The long term vision is to fly 40-50 people, with batteries, over 1,000km in 10 years time and 90-100 passengers in 20 years time."

Originally Lilium's founder wanted to build an aircraft and operate the airline service, until realising that the type of people who build aircraft are very different to those who manage or run an airline service. Ohler says: "So about three years ago we decided that it makes no sense to do both and that we needed to find traditional operators to run these aircraft.

"And operators can’t wait to get it. They say it will be amazing because it’s so quiet that they can land in areas they have never thought of, to offer regular service. In Greece, for example, they are fascinated because they don't like the helicopter service they have to all the islands. Tourists complain, the Greeks complain and they see a great opportunity to replace them. After all, they need regular service to every island, for transport, tourism, air ambulance, VIPs. Same in the Philippines. Even in São Paolo, which has more helicopters flying there than anywhere else in the world. They are looking at the Lilium Jet for the commute to office."

First deliveries are expected to take place in 2026. But what comes next? Ohler suggests: "The dream is to move on from vertical take off and landing and become a ‘real aircraft’, which then extends the range."

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July 1, 2024
Testing of the propulsion unit, comprising two engines within a mounting system, was carried out at Lilium's dedicated propulsion unit test bed at its headquarters near Munich in Germany.
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June 7, 2024
Lilium achieves successful arrangement of $114 million capital raise with participation from key strategic and existing investors.
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May 20, 2024
Full-scale Lilium Jet model to be unveiled at EBACE
May 1, 2024
Lilium is making the inaugural public debut of its full-scale Lilium Jet model in Geneva at the end of May, and will participate in discussions on the Innovation Stage.