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Teton County holds the title and deed of the H125 rescue helicopter.

Wyoming SAR team gains rescue-customised H125

A single-engine H125, bought and paid for by the citizens of Teton County, has landed with the SAR teams in Jackson and volunteers have begun training in preparation for the winter rescue season.

October 30, 2023   Full report

Bighorn expands the scope of Bridger firefighting

Bighorn’s fleet of 12 aircraft includes three Bombardier Dash 8 featuring a 7,500lbs payload capacity, a range of 1,200 miles and low-level flight capability for para cargo operations. Bridger will be taking it on.

August 4, 2023   Full report

The UH-60A+ brings multi-mission capability to the Trans Aero fleet.

UH-60 Black Hawk joins Trans Aero for multi-mission deployment

The aircraft will be the second UH-60 Black Hawk in Trans Aero’s fleet and will support firefighting and utility operations.

June 23, 2023   Full report

The location will offer full FBO amenities, including a crew and passenger lounge, flight planning area, crew rest facility and fully-equipped conference room with seating for 12.

GateOne's Gillette location is its first in Wyoming

A 5,500 sq ft, mountain-contemporary terminal at Gillette features a stacked-stone exterior with natural wood, expansive windows and vaulted ceilings throughout. GateOne was selected over five other applicants.

April 24, 2023   Full report

London-based IKAR Aviation will sell helicopters under the brand IKAR Helicopters primarily to customers outside the US, with a focus on Europe and the GCC region.

IKAR and Black Widow share heli sales start up process

IKAR Holdings and Black Widow Helicopters have signed an agreement to jointly establish helicopter sales company IKAR Aviation in London.

January 31, 2023   Full report