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Business aviation in Wyoming

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Business aviation suppliers in Wyoming

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London-based IKAR Aviation will sell helicopters under the brand IKAR Helicopters primarily to customers outside the US, with a focus on Europe and the GCC region.

IKAR and Black Widow share heli sales start up process

IKAR Holdings and Black Widow Helicopters have signed an agreement to jointly establish helicopter sales company IKAR Aviation in London.

January 31, 2023   Full report

New Flight Charters has added no charge de-icing for the third straight winter season.

De-icing is free of charge again with New Flight Charters

The US brokerage is once again covering de-icing and hangar charges for client's flights this winter.

December 13, 2022   Full report

DPI installs first Dolby Atmos and introduces remote phosphor LED

DPI's sound system is perfect for VVIP retrofits and costs less than 15 per cent of a full cabin audio replacement. Its dotless LED cabin lights are small, consume minimal energy and last longer than LED strips.

October 31, 2022   Full report

Fresh fliers bring higher volumes to New Flight Charters

Interest from jet card and membership programme fliers has helped New Flight Charters outperform the industry. It claims its above average charter volumes come from new users.

December 1, 2021   Full report

Avfuel continues to grow a formidable network of suppliers.

No rest in 2020 for sustainability-focused Avfuel

While carbon offsetting provides emissions reductions, the most effective solution to reach sustainability goals remains the widespread adoption of SAF. Avfuel continues to work with producers for enhanced availability.

December 14, 2020   Full report