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PMA approves PWI 303R LED right angled light
The 303R LED reading light is designed to direct light at a 90° angle from the socket base. PWI says this newly approved and energy efficient equipment will be useful for backlit cabin signs as well as floor and cargo lighting.
PWI's LED 303R right angle reading light.

Kansas-BASED aviation lighting specialist PWI has received FAA PMA approval for its LED 303R right angle reading light, a direct replacement for the 303 and the MS15570-303 bulbs. The new right angle design directs light at a 90° angle from the socket base, which directs the LED toward the area that needs illumination instead of brightening the area directly above the socket.

“The 303R is a game changer for aircraft owners who are tired of poor lighting, simply because an incandescent is incapable of focused, directional lighting,” says president and CEO Robi Lorik.

The 303R is approved for the Beechcraft 99 Airliner; King Air 200 series; Beechcraft 1900 series; Cessna 340; Utiliner 401 and 402; Citation Bravo 550; and the S550 Citation SII.

Incandescent bulbs are not designed to provide directional lighting. The 303R LED is compatible in many places where directional lighting is useful, like cabins, cockpits, behind backlit signage and even cargo compartments. The PWI right angle LED also offers more than 33,000 hours of life and very low power draw, making the 303R a more energy efficient light compared to incandescent bulbs.

“There are a large number of backlit cabin signs as well as floor lighting and cargo lighting where the original light bulb is mounted sideways to the lens,” says Lorik. “The 303R light can be very useful in these kinds of locations.”

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