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News from Business Air News
Embraer and FSI to provide third FFS for Praetor jets
October 21, 2022
With Praetor jet deliveries increasing consistently, Embraer realised the need to offer additional training capacity. FSI's full-flight simulator will provide Embraer customers with the latest technological aircraft updates.
FlightSafety selected for training on the Falcon 10X
October 18, 2022
FlightSafety will provide simulator testing for 10X development and certification, and upon aircraft launch will provide training for pilots, maintenance technicians and flight attendants.
Honda extends partnership with FlightSafety
June 23, 2022
As the HondaJet fleet size continues to grow globally with high aircraft utilisation, so the training network must expand. FlightSafety will continue providing operators with the highest fidelity training for another 25 years.
May 24, 2022Jersey-based captain achieves Master Aviator award
May 15, 2022FlightSafety and Presage partner for two-pilot study
March 25, 2022RFDS augments pilot training capabilities
March 10, 2022NetJets plans a sustainable fleet of up to 150 Lilium Jets
January 10, 2022FlightSafety acquires Frasca
December 9, 2021FAA issues CoA for first type certified Black Hawk
October 14, 2021FlightSafety teams up with GE Digital to utilise data
May 31, 2021IBAC welcomes long term collaborator FlightSafety into the fold
May 14, 2021ACTSI trains up its staff on Gulfstream aircraft
May 10, 2021FlightSafety and Flight Research forge partnership
March 13, 2021NetJets explores a role in Aerion's ambitious mobility plan
December 21, 2020RFDS brings PC-12NG MissionFit to Adelaide
November 15, 2020FlightSafety to train HondaJet pilots at Farnborough
November 2, 2020FlightSafety Textron gets King Air 360 training under way
September 29, 2020Wilmington is third home to FlightSafety G280 training
August 4, 2020NBAA awards 2020 maintenance scholarships
July 5, 2020Queensland to become FlightSafety maintenance hub
May 12, 2020FlightSafety Dallas opens up for G650 tuition
May 1, 2020GAMA members gather to supply critical kit
April 26, 2020FlightSafety gets involved in medical mask making
April 13, 2020FlightSafety takes instructor-led courses online
March 3, 2020FlightSafety adds European sim for PC-24
February 23, 2020Thress leads FlightSafety as president and CEO
February 2, 2020Level D sims on the way for EC145 and AW139
January 27, 2020Runner to take Wichita management in her stride
January 27, 2020Garmin appoints FSI for G5000-equipped Excel and XLS training
January 13, 2020Moore and High move at FlightSafety
January 3, 2020De Foe to manage FlightSafety at Le Bourget
November 16, 2019FlightSafety hails Hallows to help manage Farnborough
November 12, 2019Flight training comes under AI scrutiny
November 5, 2019NBAA-BACE 2019 achieves aim of invigorating industry
November 1, 2019Partnership facilitates freelance crew training
November 1, 2019Gulfstream partners with FlightSafety for G700 tuition
November 1, 2019SD automates flight-log reporting and bolsters IT training
October 25, 2019European location will be home to Latitude simulator
October 25, 2019Rowell and Tippett pass muster as master technicians
October 25, 2019FlightSafety extends US training provision
September 23, 2019FlightSafety sales look rosy under Posey
September 17, 2019FlightSafety ensures that crews are security savvy
August 18, 2019G550 pilots can brush up on advanced no-go calls
August 18, 2019Falcon pilot Ebenroth earns his FlightSafety masters
August 10, 2019Numbers man Rick takes up top FlightSafety post
July 23, 2019Burger to manage Teterboro learning centre
July 22, 2019FlightSafety boosts 'Building Our Future' with promotions
July 8, 2019EFVS touchdown and rollout training launched by FlightSafety
May 30, 2019Praetor 600 training met by FlightSafety in US
May 23, 2019Sales, performance and training shape focus for Dassault
May 20, 2019FlightSafety to launch second PC-24 sim and FalconEye HUD
May 20, 2019FlightSafety restructures leadership team
May 14, 2019Aircraft cabin systems are focus of training
April 30, 2019Forbes singles out FlightSafety as top employer
April 16, 2019FlightSafety builds on popular platform with VITAL 1150
April 9, 2019Charitable flight foundation elects youth ambassador
April 2, 2019FlightSafety and TRU join forces for Textron training
March 19, 2019Air Methods works with FlightSafety to gain EC145 tuition
March 11, 2019FlightSafety and Metro hail long-term partnership
February 26, 2019Purdue pioneers on-the-ground university flight training
February 8, 2019FlightSafety International makes senior appointments
December 11, 2018FlightSafety chalks up milestone 4,000th Master Technician
November 19, 2018FlightSafety’s MissionFit aims to raise standards
October 18, 2018Teterboro training extends to King Air 350
October 16, 2018Training giants join forces for Textron aircraft support
October 16, 2018FlightSafety adds training for leadership and maintenance managers
October 16, 2018Gulfstream’s local FlightSafety centre adds more variety
October 16, 2018FlightSafety to expand PC-24 training to Paris
June 12, 2018FlightSafety increases availability of phased initiative
March 12, 2018FlightSafety offers NVG courses in Stavanger
December 13, 2017FlightSafety PC-24 sim receives go-ahead from FAA
November 1, 2017FlightSafety announces Platinum programme and promotes Goodwin
November 1, 2017FlightSafety offers P&WC training in Johannesburg
May 4, 2017FlightSafety implements maintenance management course
April 6, 2017FlightSafety first to offer authorised G650 sim
June 8, 2011PERSPECTIVES – Business aviation through the eyes of the cabin crew: Front line role makes top flight cabin crew vital
April 28, 2010EBAN provides a fresh perspective for visitors to Geneva
September 29, 2008Training focus: Trainers run the rule over EASA's tighter regime
July 30, 2008EASA proposals will raise costs for non-EU providers
March 1, 2006Viessmann Werke acquires sixth Citation jet
December 1, 2005Roman Augsburg hails Cessna arrival
October 4, 2005FlightSafety will provide Mustang training
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