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News from Business Air News
Polaris welcomes sales hires and is made Paragon Diamond Partner
April 17, 2022
Linda Hirschfeld and Salvador Pettit have joined Polaris Aero on the sales side, helping to find the best solutions to customers’ safety issues. The company has also been named Diamond Partner by the Paragon FBO network.
Polaris Aero's Roby earns CAM certification
March 25, 2022
Always focused on the safety of aviation at work and as a pilot, Kellie Roby has cemented that interest by achieving CAM status through the NBAA. She will talk on the subject at the next S&D conference in San Diego.
Polaris adds VOCUS to USAIG Performance Vector Safety initiative
February 8, 2022
Polaris Aero has become part of USAIG's portfolio of Performance Vector safety-supporting programmes. Its VOCUS platform is now available to USAIG policyholders at a reduced cost.
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