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FlightRisk app gains upgrade from Polaris
Users of the FlightRisk aviation safety application can now share critical safety information with fellow pilots.
This FlightRisk assessment shows a custom advisory for the general phase of flight. As well as built-in advisories, users can create custom advisories and share them with other pilots.

Scottsdale, Arizona-based safety software company Polaris Aero has launched advanced features for its popular FlightRisk aviation safety application. FlightRisk provides the aviation industry with a next-level means of sharing essential safety data. The app resides in the company's larger VOCUS application suite of aviation safety software.

Vice president of aviation services Steve Bruneau explains that each FlightRisk assessment includes built-in advisories generated by an advanced rules engine, raising pilots' awareness of potential aircraft, airfield, environmental and human hazards that are relevant to the flight. “Utilising FlightRisk's extensive library of rule trigger conditions, pilots and dispatchers can supplement these built-in assessment advisories with their own custom advisories,” he says.

Through the sharing of custom advisories, organisations can share best practices and lessons learned. For highly experienced pilots, advisory sharing provides a way to increase their knowledge of airfields or procedures with which they are unfamiliar. New pilots can benefit from the knowledge of more experienced pilots.

“FlightRisk assessments go beyond traditional hazard scoring by giving pilots clear, contextual information to improve awareness and make better decisions,” Bruneau adds. “By encouraging the sharing of knowledge among the FlightRisk community, FlightRisk continues to help make flying safer.”

FlightRisk user Andrew Sedlacek, safety manager of H-E-B Flight Operations, says: “FlightRisk's rule sharing not only benefits your operation, but enhances risk mitigation for the entire business aviation community”

“Customers have asked for sharing features, and we've delivered,” says Bruneau. “Polaris Aero understands the value of safety collaboration, and we are working on expanding sharing functionality within the VOCUS application suite.”

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