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Polaris brings in Roby for robust safety support
In 2021, Kellie Roby joined Polaris Aero as the firm's Midwest sales executive; she was promoted to vice president in January 2023. She will now lead the safety division with a focus on implementing VOCUS.
Kellie Roby is the newly appointed VP of safety services.

Polaris Aero, an aviation safety software company headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, is launching a new safety services division, which has been created to help the firm's clients use its VOCUS Safety Intelligence Platform software more effectively. With that launch, Kellie Roby, the newly appointed vice president of safety services, will lead the division.

Polaris Aero's new aviation safety services include: training for new and existing VOCUS clients; interim safety management support; and safety audit preparation.

“At Polaris Aero, we pride ourselves on customer service,” says Chris Connor, co-founder and CEO. “By providing these new safety services, we're expanding our already exceptional customer support. Given Kellie's background and experience, she is the ideal choice to spearhead our new division.”

In 2021, Roby joined Polaris Aero as the firm's Midwest sales executive; she was promoted to vice president in January 2023. As a Certified Aviation Manager (CAM) and former safety manager, Roby understands clients' needs and the dynamic nature of aviation. She has worked in Part 91 and Part 135 operations in roles ranging from FBO operations to business management. She's also active in the safety industry as part of the NBAA Professional Development Program Committee, the NBAA's Young Professionals in Business Aviation (YoPro) Council, the Bombardier Safety Stand-down Advisory Council and the Tennessee Business Aviation Association.

“We're invested in making sure our customers are successful, and we feel like we can make a bigger impact in raising the safety bar by providing access to our safety experts to help them along the way,” Roby notes. “The new safety services division will help keep our customers' safety goals moving forward.”

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