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GE Aviation integrates C-FOQA with Polaris' Vector SMS
GE Aviation is integrating its C-FOQA software with Vector SMS from Polaris. This will allow users to identify the underlying causes of aircraft safety events.

GE Aviation has announced the integration of C-FOQA (Corporate Flight Operations Quality Assurance) with Polaris Aero's safety management system Vector SMS. This new integration with Polaris is said to be a first of its kind in business aviation where information from flight data is automatically forwarded to another safety service provider (Vector SMS) using GE Aviation's API (application programming interface). C-FOQA and Vector SMS have more than 400 combined customers today including Part 91 operators, charter carriers and other operators of business aircraft.

“We are thrilled to be integrating C-FOQA data into Vector SMS,” says Polaris co-founder and CEO Chris Connor. “This new capability streamlines the safety process and makes it easy for users to identify the underlying causes of safety events. By understanding the C-FOQA events and being able to link them to root causes in Vector SMS, flight departments can go from safety compliant to best-in-class.”

FOQA, also commonly referred to as flight data monitoring (FDM), is the process of analysing and reviewing routinely recorded flight data. Operators that adopt FOQA are better able to identify and eliminate potential safety hazards in flight operations.

“This new integration saves time and reduces workload, ultimately improving the customer experience and allowing them to enhance safety in their organisation,” explains GE Aviation senior product manager Ben Ivy. “We know that business jet operators care about safety as much as anyone, and in most flight departments everyone juggles responsibilities and wears multiple hats. Our partnership with Polaris Aero enables operators to focus on what's important with a comprehensive safety solution built specifically for business aviation professionals.”

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GE engineers senior leadership shake up
July 4, 2022
Following GE’s decision to split into three independent companies focused on aviation, healthcare and energy, it has made changes to its senior team. The post holders will report directly to the CEO.
4Air makes OEM partnerships carbon complimentary
May 25, 2022
4Air has become an environmental offset partner for customers of both Embraer and GE Aviation. It gives them access to comprehensive sustainability programmes that offset their environmental impact.
GE completes all-SAF testing on Passport engine
May 24, 2022
GE Aviation has completed successful testing of its Passport long range business aviation engine using 100 per cent SAF. Ground testing was conducted with one engine over several days in March.