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Jet Linx   (U.S.A.)
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News from Business Air News
Jet Linx unveils Scottsdale terminal
October 27, 2022
The location comes intelligently-designed to provide more convenience, cohesion and comfort for members. Every aspect was built in response to current and future needs, as client numbers and flight activity increase.
Jet Linx resumes two jet card membership programmes
July 18, 2022
Having paused its Jet Card Membership programmes last October when demand surged, Jet Linx has optimised its fleet and is reintroducing the Enterprise and Tier II Executive programmes.
Three more renew Wyvern Wingman certification
July 9, 2022
Friendly Flyers are recognised at Van Nuys
July 5, 2022
Eighteen aircraft operators have received recognition plaques for complying with all mandatory noise abatement policies and reducing night time jet movements under the Quieter Nights Programme at Van Nuys.
Jet Linx hosts sixth annual Safety Summit
June 26, 2022
April 30, 2022Walker to drive Jet Linx industry partnerships
April 24, 2022Jet Linx sources first officers direct from ATP Flight School
April 17, 2022Ten year run of Best of B2B wins continues for Jet Linx
March 8, 2022Jet Linx strengthens Florida presence
January 31, 2022Jet Linx adds partners to benefits programme
January 6, 2022Jet Linx resumes some jet card sales
December 6, 2021Jet Linx adds leadership role as part of strategic focus on aircraft management
November 18, 2021Director of safety joins Jet Linx team
November 11, 2021Two partners join the Jet Linx lifestyle programme
October 18, 2021ARGUS releases new safety rating as trio become Platinum Elite
October 11, 2021Jet Linx promotes from within amid strategic reorganisation
August 26, 2021Kloet and Vanis strengthen Jet Linx senior leadership
June 23, 2021Jet Linx returns to its roots with Nebraska terminal
June 10, 2021Jet Link grounds fleet to bring staff together for safety summit
May 21, 2021Jet Linx Miami becomes the company's 20th location
April 25, 2021Jet Linx signs its customers up to 4AIR offset scheme
April 25, 2021Jet Linx joint ownership scheme aims to go halves
April 11, 2021Jet Linx adds value to Elevated Lifestyle programme
March 16, 2021Pignet brings premium service credentials to Jet Linx
March 5, 2021Jet Linx CAT services throughout aircraft ownership
January 15, 2021Jet Linx adds partners in Elevated Lifestyle
December 28, 2020First cadet passes out of Jet Linx 225° programme
November 24, 2020Jet Linx adds winery collection to luxury portfolio
November 22, 2020Jet Linx says Silverman can set the gold standard
November 15, 2020Jet Linx links up with Neiman Marcus for fantasy gifts
October 27, 2020Operator Linx up with colleagues for safety seminars
October 18, 2020Jet Linx marks another milestone with Minneapolis base
September 21, 2020Audit pass earns Wyvern renewal for Jet Linx
September 12, 2020Jet Linx initiates ‘plane-to-pillow’ hotel programme
August 11, 2020Enterprising Jet Linx brings out membership card
July 12, 2020Jet Linx takeover of Meridian creates substantial fleet
July 5, 2020Jet Linx links up with JSSI for parts procurement
June 15, 2020Jet Linx works with Global Virus Network to protect aircraft
May 12, 2020Jet Linx pushes on with virtual Safety Summit
March 19, 2020Jet Linx offers card programme to combat uncertainties
March 17, 2020JetLinx to bio-protect aircraft and facilities
February 23, 2020Hotel programme links Jet Linx to Forbes Travel Guide
February 2, 2020Jet Linx adds five to benefits programme
January 20, 2020Jet Linx tasks MemberJets with turnkey for OpenSeat
December 9, 2019Jet Linx marks 20 years with rewards launch
October 21, 2019Jet Linx holds key to luxury experiences
October 12, 2019Jet Linx hosts safety event in Teterboro
September 30, 2019Jet Linx opens for business at Teterboro
September 24, 2019Jet Linx adds terminal two in St. Louis region
September 17, 2019Jet Linx lines up Forbes to test standards
August 31, 2019Medjet joins Jet Linx member programme
July 16, 2019App update supplies missing Linx for empty seats
June 25, 2019Hanscom Field launch for Jet Linx
June 18, 2019Jet Linx leads the way in hazard avoidance with safety day
May 20, 2019Acquisition of management business fuels Jet Linx expansion
April 2, 2019Carrier Linx up 100 million miles over two decades
October 11, 2018Jet Linx debuts 'reimagined' Houston base
October 9, 2018Jet Linx tracks with Traxxall
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