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Hotel programme links Jet Linx to Forbes Travel Guide
Jet Linx and the Forbes Travel Guide are working together on a hotel concierge programme that will link the latter's five star hotel via app or concierge staff to the aviation company's jet card members.

US management and jet card membership company Jet Linx has curated a hotel concierge programme with Forbes Travel Guide (FTG) that enables it to refer its jet card members to participating FTG recommended hotels when booking through its programme concierges or its mobile app. There is a reciprocal arrangement for FTG star-rated property owners, management and guests to have access to private aviation solutions from Jet Linx.

“Our partnership with Forbes Travel Guide has enabled us to ensure an unrivalled standard of service excellence in private aviation and an incomparable benchmark for the industry,” says president and CEO Jamie Walker. “We will now offer our clients special benefits and privileges at the world's finest hotels, and we look forward to welcoming the owners, management and guests at participating star-rated and recommended hotels into the Jet Linx programme.”

The programme will launch in early April 2020.

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