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Blackhawk Aerospace Upgrades   (U.S.A.)

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News from Business Air News
Blackhawk joins AVEX at New State Aviation
January 9, 2023
The performance improvement leader joins Daher TBM provider AVEX at New State Aviation, a division of New State Capital, expanding its general aviation platform.
Blackhawk flies the PC-12 with upgraded engine
October 18, 2022
The combination of the higher ITT and increased thermodynamic horsepower produced by the XP67P engine enables operators to utilise full torque to more efficient cruising altitudes. It can maintain full power to FL250.
Flight testing starts for Blackhawk's PC-12 engine switch
April 24, 2022
On an ISA day, the stock -67B starts losing power at 15,000 feet, whereas the XP67P can maintain full power to FL250. Blackhawk is now working towards making the switch on Pilatus PC-12 aircraft.
March 28, 2022Jim Allmon appointed to Texas aviation committee
March 17, 2022Blackhawk buys into Recoil suppression tanks
October 13, 2021PC-12 now covered by Blackhawk upgrade STC
August 9, 2021Popular Blackhawk powerplant STC list passes thirty
July 4, 2021New Blackhawk entity acquires Columbia assets
April 13, 2021Cook formulates a recipe for success at Blackhawk
December 7, 2020King Air 300 series to benefit from G1000 NXi
July 31, 2020FAA agrees to Blackhawk XR Upgrade Kit
November 1, 2019Blackhawk shows no signs of slowing after 20 years
August 5, 2019Blackhawk creates world's fastest King Air
July 30, 2019Blackhawk signs long-term PT6A supply agreement
May 7, 2019Blackhawk marks 20 year anniversary
November 3, 2018The Goodalls benefit from Blackhawk's 800th engine mod
October 16, 2018Simulator options added for Blackhawk-upgraded aircraft
August 28, 2018Latest quiet props certified for Caravans in Brazil
May 16, 2018Blackhawk gains Engine+ upgrade approval
August 1, 2017Blackhawk upgrade enables longer range Caravan safaris
March 8, 2016Upgrade reduces strain on Fly Safari Caravans
March 8, 2016APA enhances skydiving with upgrade
June 11, 2013Modified Caravan takes the heat of Dubai in its stride
November 13, 2012Ross Group brings Blackhawk for the Caravan to Kenya
August 2, 2012DragonFly speeds teams of surgeons to theatre using Blackhawk power
June 11, 2012King Air upgrade increases safety margins
June 11, 2012Ferry experts sign up for Caravan engine upgrade
May 9, 2012Buyer's Guide: French King Air undergoes Blackhawk mods
June 8, 2011German Cheyenne is first for five-blade upgrade
July 1, 2010Special Focus – Reducing Fuel Costs: Planning ahead pays dividends for aircraft owners and operators on routine flights and in emergencies
August 11, 2009Me & My Aircraft: King Air 200s reign high in the affections of pilots and owners
April 1, 2009Blackhawk debut brings Capital gains as businesses cut spending
June 2, 2006King Air owners sign up for power boost
March 1, 2006King Air modification certified for Europe
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