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Blackhawk signs long-term PT6A supply agreement
Blackhawk conversion programmes will continue be enabled by the supply of P&W PT6A engines following the signing of a long-term sales agreement that ensures provision for the next 10 years.
Pratt & Whitney vice president, sales and marketing Irene Makris says Blackhawk has a “rock-solid reputation”.

Pratt & Whitney has signed a 10 year agreement for the sale of new PT6A engines to Texas-based Blackhawk Modifications for all of its conversion programmes.

“Blackhawk has earned a rock-solid reputation for providing value-added conversion solutions to its customers,” says Pratt & Whitney vice president, sales and marketing Irene Makris. “This agreement is a testament to our successful relationship and mutual commitment to excellence and innovation. We have delivered more than 1,500 PT6A engines to Blackhawk over a 20 year period and we are proud that the company has made the PT6A their engine of choice.”

Blackhawk holds supplemental type certificates for a variety of aircraft powered by Pratt & Whitney engines. The engine supply agreement covers a number of PT6A engine variants that power a range of Cheyenne, King Air, Conquest and Caravan aircraft.

“We know the success of our customers rides on our ability to drive innovative and proven technology into everything we do. The PT6A is one of the most versatile engines in the industry and as we continuously enhance the engine, we do so in a way that they can be seamlessly used to upgrade the engines on existing aircraft,” adds Makris. “While the new engines have the same digital technology and dimensional profile as previous models, they offer more power and better fuel efficiency.”

More than 48,800 PT6A engines have been manufactured and the entire PT6A engine family has flown more than 400,000,000 hours. The PT6A is the proven choice for demanding, high-cycle/high-power applications in single and twin engine aircraft for all kinds of missions and applications.

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