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The Goodalls benefit from Blackhawk's 800th engine mod
The Goodall family plan to use their King Air C90-1 for hot and high missions in the west of the USA. Stock PT6A-21 engines would not do, so the customer opted for a Blackhawk XP135A upgrade, the 800th of its kind.
The Phoenix-edition 1982 King Air C90-1 on display at AirVenture 2018, where 800th customers Gregg and Jan Goodall first saw the aircraft.

Gregg and Jan Goodall, based in Breckenridge, Texas, have purchased a Blackhawk Phoenix-edition King Air C90-1, which will be used primarily for personal trips and some business flights.

With this sale, Blackhawk has achieved 800 XP Engine+ upgrades since its started selling them in 1999. The Goodalls' aircraft is equipped with the XP135A Engine+ upgrade, cited as a deciding factor in the purchase decision.

“There was never a moment where we considered a purchase without the XP135A engines either already installed or to be installed immediately after the time of purchase, anything less was a non-starter,” Gregg Goodall says. “Because our favourite destinations are out west, hot and high operations were a concern. Stock PT6A-21 engines on the older models just didn't work very well in hot and high situations, even when carrying a modest payload. When I started researching options and talking to other King Air owners, I found that the Blackhawk XP135A Engine modification was the industry standard to improve overall performance, especially hot, high, and single-engine performance in the C90. The decision was a no brainer.”

The XP135A Engine+ upgrade is said to deliver a 36 per cent increase in available horsepower over the stock engines. This additional horsepower equates to a 59 per cent increase in climb rate, more than 270 ktas in maximum cruise speed, and a 19,000-foot single engine service ceiling.

In addition to the factory-new engines, the Phoenix-edition King Air C90-1 was also upgraded with the Phoenix signature paint and interior design, Raisbeck EPIC package, and new Garmin glass panel avionics. The panel includes two G600TXi EFIS displays, the WAAS-enabled GTN 650 and GTN 750, the GTX 335 transponder for ADS-B Out, and the L3 Lynx transponder for ADS-B In and Out.

“We were immediately impressed with all aspects of the Phoenix package,” continues Goodall. “I have to remind myself that this is a 1982 model C90-1 because it looks brand new inside and out. It has terrific ramp appeal, I think Blackhawk has a winning programme here.”

Blackhawk president and CEO Jim Allmon adds: “Reaching 800 XP Engine+ upgrades is a monumental accomplishment for us. Our engine upgrades have pioneered positive change on many production turboprop models while re-energising legacy aircraft to like-new performance, safety and value standards.

"There is a lot of life remaining in these venerable turboprops and the Phoenix programme enables them to shine brighter than ever before.”

Blackhawk's Lindsay Allmon explains the Phoenix by Blackhawk upgrade: "The programme is a complete nose-to-tail transformation that breathes new life into existing airframes. It starts with a high pedigree aircraft that has impeccable logs and no history of major damage. Then, we begin improving and customising the aircraft with top-of-the-line enhancements focused on making the aircraft safer, faster, and more valuable, all while making it an all-around better operating platform.

"The package includes a Blackhawk XP Engine+ upgrade, new or freshly overhauled propellers, recent phase 1-4/annual type inspection with no calendar items due for at least one year, full glass cockpit (avionics options in product card attached), Phoenix signature new custom paint and interior, new Pratt & Whitney Canada ESP Gold for the first 400 hours or two years on new engines, and warranties that include 5 years or 2500 hours for engines, two years for avionics, and one year for paint."

In the seven months since the programme was launched, Blackhawk has completed seven Phoenix by Blackhawk aircraft, with two more in progress. The Phoenix-upgraded aircraft include one King Air C90, one King Air 350, two Conquests and three King Air B200s. "The XP135A Engine+ upgrade installed on Mr. and Mrs. Goodall’s King Air C90 will deliver a 36 per cent increase in available horsepower," Allmon explains. "This horsepower increase produces up to a 59 per cent increase in climb rate, a 23 per cent increase in cruise speed, and 30 hours in annual time savings. The XP135A also provides an increased single-engine service ceiling of 19,000 ft for improved safety.

"We are incredibly grateful to Pratt & Whitney Canada, our dealer network and each one of our 800 customers for helping us achieve this milestone."

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