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EHang, Inc.   (China)
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News from Business Air News
Firefighting EHang EH216F ready to go in China
July 19, 2021
With autopilot, quick response and cluster management, the EH216F is designed to address pain points in urban high-rise firefighting and become a valuable complement to the existing firefighting system.
EHang autonomous vehicles deliver aid in Guangdong
June 21, 2021
EHang has been operating from a station near the COVID-19 quarantine and containment zones to continue with household and emergency supply air transport to reduce the risk of front-line staff contacting the virus.
Japan welcomes trial flight from EHang's 216
June 10, 2021
In 2018, the Japanese government established the ‘Public-Private Council for Air Transportation Revolution’ and formulated a roadmap for the air transportation revolution. It has taken a decisive step on the roadmap.
June 4, 2021VT-30 could usher in inter-city era for EHang
May 14, 2021Lleida-Alguaire considered as EHang European hub
May 10, 2021Zaragoza in Spain is latest city to side with EHang
April 25, 2021CAAC begin certification process for EHang's EH216
March 19, 2021EHang links up with Italian firm to boost EU UAM
March 1, 2021Beijing plays host to EHang 216 demo flights
February 22, 2021Yunfu facility to produce EHang's flagship products
February 14, 2021EHang targets Europe to spread the UAM word
January 25, 2021EHang continues to make progress in Europe
January 15, 2021EHang partnerships will bring AAVs to Guangdong
January 6, 2021EHang forms UAM division with Greenland Hong Kong
December 21, 2020Autonomous flying in Europe lifted by EHang and FACC
November 29, 2020Key Korean locations welcome the EHang 216
November 15, 2020South Korea hosts maiden flight of autonomous EHang 216
November 2, 2020Chinese authorities are not hanging around with UCAEZs
August 28, 2020EHang brings expertise to table for Ambular project
August 19, 2020EHang rolls out plan for UAM in Linz
August 16, 2020EHang unveils autonomous firefighting 216F
August 4, 2020Ehang 216 receives approval from Transport Canada
July 25, 2020EHang brings in Xu and Perotti to lead marketing efforts
July 20, 2020Passengers report no hang-ups after EHang 216 demo
June 1, 2020CAAC clears EHang for up to 150kg commercial ops
May 17, 2020EHang seeks hotel integration via LN Holdings
April 26, 2020EHang working with Hezhou to build pioneering E-Port
March 22, 2020Seville in Spain to pioneer UAM with EHang
March 9, 2020EHang 216 obtains operational flight permit from Norway
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