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Shenzhen Luohu District hosts uncrewed demo of EHang EH216-S
The Luohu District aims to cultivate low-altitude related applications that combine commerce, tourism and cultural experiences. The EH216-S demo flight marks the start of its Wutong Mountain tourism project.
EH216-S completed a passenger-carrying sightseeing demo flight at Wutong Mountain National Park.

EHang is expanding and strengthening its presence in Shenzhen's low-altitude economy sector by developing a model for its pilotless eVTOL aircraft with the Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports of Luohu District.

The two parties will focus on applications such as uncrewed passenger-carrying aerial sightseeing and intelligent deliveries. With the abundant cultural and tourism resources in Luohu District, this initiative will encompass construction of multiple UAM operation centres that will serve as hubs for both aerial sightseeing and public transportation.

The signing ceremony was held at the Xiaowutong Square in the Wutong Mountain National Park, and Secretary of the Luohu District Committee Defan Fan embarked on a low-altitude sightseeing demo flight aboard the EH216-S above Wutong Mountain.

Together, the LuoHu District and EHang will establish a demo project in the Greater Wutong Ecological Integration Area. This 'FeiXiang Wutong Pilotless Passenger-Carrying Aircraft Sightseeing Project' will promote low-altitude related applications for business, tourism and culture, and aims to foster integration with key attractions such as hotels, commercial zones, leisure parks and camping enterprises.

The first UAM operation centre will be located in the Luohu Sports and Leisure Park and its construction is expected to be completed within 2024. The park boasts extraordinary natural resources that include Wutong Mountain National Park, Xianhu Lake, Honghu Lake, Donghu Lake, Yinhu Lake and Donghu Reservoir. The operating centre will comprise of a vertiport, hangars, waiting areas and a command-and-control centre. Guests and visitors will have the opportunity to travel onboard the EH216-S.

The Luohu District government will provide financial support for the development; its ultimate goal is to position Shenzhen as a comprehensive demonstration zone for the general aviation industry and establish it as a low-altitude economy industrial hub within the Greater Bay Area.

EHang COO Xin Fang says: "We are thrilled to collaborate with Shenzhen Luohu District in jointly developing the region's low-altitude economy. The Shenzhen municipal government and district governments have issued favourable policies to provide support in many aspects such as subsidies and infrastructure construction to create a high-quality development environment for low-altitude economic enterprises. As the EH216-S obtained the world's first type certificate and standard airworthiness certificate of its kind of pilotless passenger-carrying eVTOL, EHang has strategically laid out operation centres across Shenzhen. Moving forward, the EH216-S will expand its presence to more landmarks within Shenzhen to gradually explore an increasing number of new models for the low-altitude economy and continue to lead the development of the global UAM industry."

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February 12, 2024
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