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EHang collaborates with Spanish police to explore AAV use
EHang and the Spanish national police are working together to look into the possible use of AAV in an emergency environment. Together they will use flight trials and case analysis to determine if it is suitable.
EHang and the Spanish national police plan to work closely to use the AAV in emergency situations such as rescue and surveillance.
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EHang Holdings Limited is collaborating with the Spanish national police to explore potential use cases for autonomous aerial vehicles in emergency and security missions. At the press day of Expodronica at the World Air Traffic Management Congress, EHang made the first public exhibition of the EHang 216 passenger grade AAV at the Cuatro Vientos Aerodrome in Madrid, Spain.

EHang and the Spanish national police plan to work closely to use the autonomous aerial vehicle (AAV) in emergency situations such as rescue and surveillance. The collaboration, together with the Polytechnic University of Valencia, aims to demonstrate how best to utilise AAV technology through trial flights and use case analysis.

Chief commissioner of the air vehicles unit of the Spanish national police affirmed the collaboration with EHang: “AAV technology holds the promise of significantly improving our capability in emergency and security missions, such as firefighting, accessing contaminated areas with nuclear, radiological, bacteriological or chemical risks, landing in confined areas, transporting material and other police services that may require agile mobility.”

Victoria Xiang, the CEO of EHang Spain and LatAm says: “The application of AAVs in emergency, national security matters and the fight against the pandemic is crucial and advantageous for the public sector. Autonomous, sustainable and efficient mobility enables the authorities to execute their tasks in an environmentally friendly manner.”

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