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EHang continues to make progress in Europe
In 2020, EHang made regulatory breakthroughs by obtaining permits for its EH216 from the CAAs of Norway and Austria. It has now joined an EU-led project to bring eco-friendly autonomous flight to the continent.

EHang has become a member of the Air Mobility Urban – Large Experimental Demonstration (AMU-LED) project, one of the largest European demonstrations of urban air mobility. The AMU-LED project was initiated by the European Union, and the consortium executing the project includes 17 prominent companies and institutions globally, including EHang, Airbus and Boeing. Throughout 2022, EHang will perform trial operations of the EH216, its flagship two-seat passenger-grade AAV, in three countries: Spain, the UK and the Netherlands.

The AMU-LED is an H2020 project of the European Union framed in the SESAR (Single European Sky ATM Research) Joint Undertaking, with the ultimate goal of showcasing one of the largest demonstrations of mobility services with air vehicles and the safe integration of different types of drone operations, otherwise known as U-space, in urban environments to realise increasingly sustainable, smart cities by 2022. Planned for two years with more than 100 flight hours, the AMU-LED will kick off in January 2021 showcasing various use cases for passenger transport in air taxis, cargo transport, delivery of goods and medical equipment, inspection of infrastructures, police surveillance and emergency services support.

Through the AMU-LED programme, EHang will increase its interaction with European regulatory bodies including EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency) and Eurocontrol. This cooperative effort should pave the way for the formulation of relevant UAM policies and standards and contribute to the implementation of UAM in Europe.

Participation in the project will enable EHang to demonstrate the benefits of its leading AAV products and technology platform solutions. EHang products enable smart city management, shorten the travel time of both people and goods, and reduce air pollution and traffic accidents. EHang believes the AMU-LED is a great opportunity to demonstrate the promise of autonomous air taxis and further inspire the global UAM community to develop new product innovations and enabling legal frameworks.

EHang has achieved multiple milestones in UAM development in Europe. In 2020, the company made great regulatory breakthroughs by obtaining flight permits for the EH216 from the civil aviation authorities of Norway and Austria. So far it has expanded its UAM Pilot City Initiative to three cities in Austria and Spain, and established strategic UAM partnerships with FACC, the leading Austrian aerospace company and Vodafone, one of the world's biggest telecoms and technology service providers.

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November 30, 2021
EHang has completed a demonstration flight of its 216 AAV. The eVTOL aircraft is destined for island hopping and air taxi operations.
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October 8, 2021
EHang and the Spanish national police are working together to look into the possible use of AAV in an emergency environment. Together they will use flight trials and case analysis to determine if it is suitable.