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EHang sets prices for uncrewed passenger aircraft
The EH216-S will cost $410,000 outside of China and around $330,000 in the home market. EHang wants to drive widespread adoption of the aircraft by making it accessible and affordable.
The EH216-S conducts a flight demo at the Jiulong Lake Park, Huangpu District, Guangzhou.

EHang has suggested a retail price of $410,000 for its EH216-S pilotless passenger-carrying eVTOL aircraft in global markets outside China, and of around $330,000 (RMB2.39 million) per unit in China, effective 1 April, 2024.

Founder, chairman and CEO Huazhi Hu says: "I am deeply grateful to the CAAC and our partners for their unwavering support and trust. The low-altitude economy and its related industries present a significant market opportunity for our UAM development and serve as a new engine for future economic growth in China. We remain committed to safety in aircraft research, production, operation and commercial services, which ensures that each of our pilotless aircraft continues to lead in innovation. We look forward to collaborating with more global partners, offering consumers a novel experience of safe, autonomous and eco-friendly air mobility. Our aim is to make pilotless aerial vehicle a common part of everyday life, bringing its benefits to a broader public."

EHang secured the world's first type certificate and standard airworthiness certificate from the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) in 2023, and in December it successfully completed its inaugural commercial flight demonstrations in Guangzhou and Hefei.

By offering a competitive price globally for the EH216-S, the company aims to meet the escalating demands of international markets and drive widespread adoption of the aircraft.

Other News
Shenzhen Luohu District hosts uncrewed demo of EHang EH216-S
February 2, 2024
The Luohu District aims to cultivate low-altitude related applications that combine commerce, tourism and cultural experiences. The EH216-S demo flight marks the start of its Wutong Mountain tourism project.
Gohobby sets the scene for sales of EHang aircraft in Brazil
January 11, 2024
Gohobby has presented EHang's 216-S eVTOL aircraft at an exclusive event at Arena XP in Brazil to an audience that included astronaut Marcos Pontes.
EHang's certified EH216-S debuts demos in Guangzhou and Hefei
January 8, 2024
EHang's certified EH216-S pilotless, passenger-carrying UAV has successfully completed debut commercial flight demonstrations in Guangzhou and Hefei, another step towards normalising flights for aerial sightseeing.