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EHang prepares for EH216 scenic flights at Hunan
EHang has been trialling aerial sightseeing operations since last year, and plans to roll out EH216 flights from vertiports around the cliffs, waterfalls and primitive forests of the Aizhai Wonder in Hunan province, China.
EHang and Tianxingjian purchase and sale contract signing ceremony.

AAV technology platform EHang Holdings has received an initial purchase order for five units of EH216s from Tianxingjian Cultural Tourism Investment and Development, an affiliated enterprise of the Jishou city government in Hunan province, China.

The two parties plan to develop a scenic flight project at the Aizhai Wonder Tourist Area in Jishou. Tianxingjian plans to purchase an additional 25 units as the project evolves. It is an implementation of EHang's previous strategic partnership with the Jishou city government for in-depth and extensive collaborations on urban air mobility (UAM) such as aerial tourism, UAM infrastructure and operation centre development, and professional technician training. It also represents one of EH216's typical programmes in the field of aerial tourism in China, with great market potential and application opportunities.

In recent years, the State Council and the Civil Aviation Administration of China have issued policies to propel and accelerate integrated development of general aviation and aerial tourism. Given this, EHang has been expanding its cooperation with more partners to apply its AAV solutions in various tourism and sightseeing use cases both in China and overseas, leveraging the advantages of safety, auto flight, fleet management for large scale operations, cost-effectiveness and sustainability.

The Aizhai Wonder lies within a region that includes Shibadong Village and Dehang Canyon. During the Workers' Day holiday in May, some tourists were able to experience EHang's demo sightseeing flights.

“The Jishou city government is striving to develop strategic emerging industries for tourism. The integration of EH216 AAV technologies and Aizhai cultural tourism resources can further enhance Jishou's tourism brand,” says Dehang Village director of management Xiufeng Wu.

“Aizhai Wonder has a breathtaking landscape of steep cliffs, waterfalls and primitive forests, making it ideal for aerial sightseeing, air mobility and related projects,” says Tianxingjian chair Min Sun. “As a world leading AAV technology platform company, EHang has advanced software and hardware technologies as well as rich flight experience. With our respective advantages combined, we will work together to set up vertiports at scenic spots, including the Aizhai Bridge and the Jiulongxi Canyon, and to gradually roll out trial operations for aerial sightseeing.”

EHang chief operating officer Xin Fang adds: “EHang has been doing trial operations for aerial sightseeing since last year. We believe with our business expansion, EH216 AAVs will fly in more scenic spots around the world, bringing tourists safe and comfortable aerial sightseeing experiences.”

Other News
EHang gains access to solid-state lithium battery supply chain
September 22, 2023
Funding from EHang will be used by Inx to undertake R&D on solid-state lithium metal battery technologies, through production to deliveries. It provides the chance to secure an upstream battery supply chain.
CAAC approves EHang cloud management
August 25, 2023
EHang's UACS meets CAAC standards and will be a crucial component of EH216-S commercial ops once the aircraft's type certificate is issued, allowing safe passage for it and other UAVs in potentially crowded airspace.
EHang completes planned tests for EH216-S type certification
August 21, 2023
With type certification under its belt, the EHang team can look to starting commercial operations. The TC tests are done, and a few remaining procedures must be finalised before official authorisation is received.