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Lufthansa teases with dual reveal of ACJ and BBJ cabins
The TwoTwenty's cabin dimensions suit the most diverse manifestations of government and special mission aircraft at the price of smaller types, while the BBJ 777-9 cabin design exploits the vast space available there.
ACJ TwoTwenty cabin preview.
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Lufthansa Technik has unveiled a first glimpse of its design for a government cabin based on the smallest Airbus Corporate Jets (ACJ) type, the ACJ TwoTwenty. It is aimed specifically at government and military operators who, on the one hand, attach great importance to high functionality of the interior and, on the other hand, need to perform other specialised tasks with their aircraft. The best example of this is the medevac (medical evacuation) role, which is currently in particularly high demand. Just as with conventional delegation transport, Lufthansa Technik's interior also offers a highly customisable solution for this.

The design equips the ACJ TwoTwenty with divisible areas for working (two passengers), conferencing (seven passengers) and even sleeping for political dignitaries, ensuring a high level of comfort and functionality as well as security and privacy. In addition, the standard configuration includes a large delegation area consisting of 12 premium economy class and 20 economy class seats. Altogether, 41 passengers can travel in this configuration, significantly more than on conventional business jets at comparable prices.

In the medevac configuration, up to eight stretchers can be installed for transporting lightly and moderately injured/ill patients or two new-generation patient transport units (PTU NG) for intensive care patients. Mixed configurations with stretchers and PTU NGs are also possible. With the additional tanks of the ACJ variant, the Lufthansa Technik-equipped A220 configuration will provide a range of up to 5,650 nm (10,460 km).

“With its cabin dimensions, the ACJ TwoTwenty represents an optimal platform for the most diverse manifestations of future government and special mission aircraft, at the price of significantly smaller and less flexible aircraft types,” says head of sales for special mission aircraft Wieland Timm. “With our expertise both in the field of VIP completion but also in the field of special mission modifications, we are able to reflect even the high demands of governments or armed forces in this type of aircraft, and to do so highly individually. With this initial concept as a basis, we are therefore eager to start talking to the first potential customers very soon.”

The company had already presented an equally exclusive and completely customisable VIP cabin concept for the Airbus A220 for other VIP completion target groups. Dubbed SkyRetreat, the interior was unveiled in 2019 and was aimed at a much younger and private clientele. With individual cabin monuments in the style of a luxurious beach club or a yacht deck as well as an observation lounge to the cockpit, SkyRetreat brought a completely new sense of space to a private jet.

The company also presented a pre-launch of a brand new cabin concept for the BBJ 777-9, that takes full advantage of the vast space available on the aircraft, formerly referred to as the BBJ 777X aircraft, and prioritises versatility and multifunctionality. Alongside an impressive array of stunning features, it maximises space and comfort and incorporates traditional elements of Middle Eastern cultural heritage with a modern twist.

One of the standout features is the VVIP section at the front, with a unique private bedroom that is expandable and highly functional. The detailed design will be revealed later this year. A spacious office and reception area divides the private section from the remaining areas of the aircraft. The cabin also boasts a large majlis, with a design that seamlessly flows throughout the entire cabin. Additionally, the back of the cabin has been designed to transport entourage delegations in style and convenience to cater for the needs of official missions. A special light and window shade concept has been implemented throughout the cabin, giving passengers the feeling of being in their personal living room rather than on a plane at 30,000 ft, particularly important for an ultra-long range aircraft.

This cabin design is the first of its kind to be developed using native aircraft data as provided by Boeing. This ensures the feasibility of the design, as dimensions and space shown are 100 per cent accurate.

“We are thrilled to unveil first insights into this new VIP cabin design for the BBJ 777-9,” says VIP and special mission aircraft services sales director Jan Grube. “Our team's mission was to create a cabin that is both functional and beautiful, while also meeting the unique needs of our VIP clients in the Middle East. We are confident that this cabin design will set a new standard for VIP aviation, and we look forward to bringing it to market.”

More areas of the concept will be presented gradually throughout the year.

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