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Comlux plans showcase for first ACJ TwoTwenty cabin
Hosted by Comlux executive chairman and CEO Richard Gaona and Comlux Completion CEO Daron Dryer, a VVIP unveiling will showcase what it says is the most advanced and technologically equipped cabin ever designed.
The TwoTwenty.

Comlux will unveil the first ACJ TwoTwenty cabin on 20 February, 2023 at an event to be held at the Comlux Completion facilities in Indianapolis, Indiana. The '2/20 event' celebrates the presentation of the first fully finished ACJ TwoTwenty to Dubai-based real estate and hospitality group Five Hotels and Resorts, the owner of the first aircraft.

"We are excited to have this event and can hardly wait to show the world the fabulous work our team has done for our first customer," says Comlux Completion CEO Daron Dryer.

"An unabashed hospitality disruptor, Five now evolves its offering to provide a first-in-class, Five-styled aviation experience like no other to a global audience of discerning travellers," adds Five Hospitality CEO Aloki Batra. "9H-FIVE's ultra-luxe and customised cabins reflect Five's luxury lifestyle, hospitality and entertainment ethos combined with Comlux's exceptional business jet innovation. Extraordinary care and attention to detail have gone into constructing the cabins, which truly reflect Five's signature deluxe design styling and provide an elevated and elite customer journey."

"We are thankful to have a client like Five who was willing to let us share this moment with the whole industry," adds Gaona. "We are also pleased to unveil our first ACJ TwoTwenty cabin to the world on 2/20 as we celebrate Comlux's 20th year in 2023."

Five purchased the ACJ TwoTwenty back in November 2021 and engaged Comlux Aviation to operate the aircraft for charter under its Maltese AOC. In January 2022 the aircraft was delivered from the Airbus final assembly line to Comlux Completion in Indianapolis for the interior VVIP cabin build. The completions company engineered, fabricated and integrated the interior of the cabin using a process that incorporates 3D modelling technology. This virtual interactive capability allows the interior to be analysed from an ergonomic, equipment functionality and maintainability standpoint, demonstrating how the aircraft will perform in service. The ACJ will be based at DWC Dubai World Central airport.

Comlux opened Comlux Completion in Indianapolis in 2012. The facility is the only fully integrated completion centre in the world. Comlux has been a longstanding Airbus partner, completion centre, service centre and VIP operator and is a marquee brand of the business aviation industry.

Other News
Comlux Completion takes on third ACJ TwoTwenty from Airbus
November 2, 2023
Airbus has delivered the third ACJ TwoTwenty to Indianapolis for Comlux to craft another of its sophisticated and technologically advanced aircraft cabins.
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October 27, 2023
Comlux modernises infrastructure with Indiana expansion
October 18, 2023
Comlux adds TwoTwenty activity to its cabin completion line
October 17, 2023
After delivery of the first ACJ TwoTwenty earlier this year, the second is to be delivered fully completed in February next year while the third one is arriving in few days to start the cabin installation.