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IADA certifies 41 aircraft brokers
These 41 newly IADA-Certified Brokers have all met or exceeded the stringent requirements and passed a comprehensive examination administered by a third party

IADA has certified 41 aircraft brokers over the course of 2023, all of whom met the requirements for and passed its Certified Broker exam.

The purpose of IADA's broker certification is to:

- Validate the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to be a successful aircraft broker.

- Standardise IADA aircraft brokers.

- Increase their prominence within the industry.

- Provide objective third-party certification of aircraft brokers working for IADA-Accredited Dealers.

"These 41 newly IADA-certified brokers have all met or exceeded the stringent requirements and passed a comprehensive examination administered by a third party," says executive director Wayne Starling. "The entire IADA organisation is proud of their extraordinary professionalism and commitment to transparent aircraft transactions."

To apply for IADA certification, a broker must be employed by an IADA-Accredited Dealer or OEM for at least a year. IADA recommends a minimum of two to three total years of experience, including completing several aircraft transactions.

The rigorous IADA broker testing process is administered by independent third party Joseph Allen Aviation Consulting. IADA-certified brokers all pursue continuing education through IADA U online courses. The IADA-certified broker designation is not transferrable if a broker leaves the employ of an IADA-Accredited dealer.

Newly IADA-certified brokers and their IADA-Accredited Dealers are:

- Absolute Aviation: Sizwe Buthelezi

- ACASS Canada: Chris Warton and Trisha Lakatos

- Aerolineas Ejecutivas: Enrique de la Parra

- Eagle Aviation: Howard Henry and Paul Garcia

- FX Solutions: Frank Lanning

- Guardian Jet: Chris Hancock, Keegan Dwyer, William Smith, John Peters, Amber Gardner and Meghan Dwyer

- Hatt & Associates: Pat Harvey

- Holstein Aviation: Michael Gauvreau, Joe Grubiak, Prakash Rajan, Kitchel Gifford, Marcelo Simoni, Chris Doerr and Andy Biller

- Infinity Jet: Nathan Weist and Ryan Mulcahy

- Jet Access Group: Kevin Rossignon, Julia Ricker and Elliott Sutter

- JetAviva: Kyle Delphon and Jade Hofeldt

- Jetcraft: Jaden Jonson and Preston Jasper

- Jeteffect: Chris Warners and Tyler Webb

- Leviate Air Group: Brandon Steele

- Mesinger Jet Sales: Josh Mesinger

- Northern Jet Management: Casey Cox

- OGaraJets: Sam Campos and Dustin Cordier

- Southern Cross Aircraft: Paul Hosmann

- Swartz Aviation: John Swartz and Michael Swartz

- Western Aircraft: Elise Wheelock.

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