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John Wayne airport recognises Fly Friendly winners for 2023
The initiative, aimed at reducing noise and encouraging sustainable aviation practices, marks its second year promoting community-friendly operations.

John Wayne airport in Santa Ana, California has proudly acknowledged the outstanding contributions of general aviation jet operators in the 2023 Fly Friendly programme year. This initiative, aimed at reducing noise and encouraging sustainable aviation practices, marks its second year promoting community-friendly operations.

Supervisor Katrina Foley, Fifth District, lauds the collaborative efforts of those involved in shaping a programme responsive to local needs: "I commend the dedication of participating pilots to noise mitigation and eco-conscious flying, which aligns with my commitment to being a good neighbour. I want to thank the pilots, community members and airport staff who have supported our efforts to build a programme inclusive of the needs of the community and invested in best practices that moderate noise impacts and promote greener, cleaner flights."

The 2023 Fly Friendly recognition recipients include jet operators across the four tiers of the programme. Their commitment reflects the broader mission to embrace greener flight practices.

Tier 1: Part 135 operators 1-15 (top 15 in terms of annual operations) : Verijet; Mountain Aviation (Wheels Up); and XOJet.

Tier 2: Part 135 operators 16-30: Baker Aviation; Air Transport (ATI Jet); and Volato.

Tier 3: Part 135 operators 31-those having at least 24 annual operations (12 arrivals and 12 departures) : Global Jet; International Jet Aviation; and Southwest Aircraft Charter.

Tier 4: N-number operators-those having at least 24 annual operations (12 arrivals and 12 departures) : Robert & Karen Broderson; White Pines Leasing; and Mount Olive Holdings.

Airport director Charlene Reynolds expresses enthusiasm for increasing programme participation and its vital role in fostering community awareness: "Outreach and education will be pivotal in expanding pilot engagement and promoting best practices."

John Wayne airport already has one of the most stringent aircraft noise monitoring programmes in the United States. The voluntary Fly Friendly programme, launched in August 2022, is an education and outreach programme that builds upon existing regulations to educate GA jet operators and seek voluntary adoption of best practices for sustainable environmental aviation.

Throughout the year, operators are evaluated on avoiding nighttime and early morning operations when possible; producing the least amount of measurable noise per year; engaging pilots with noise abatement education, distributing Fly Friendly materials and/or attending Orange County community meetings focused on aviation impacts; and contributing toward ecological restoration and habitat enhancement projects through the Irvine Ranch Conservancy or Newport Bay Conservancy.

Sue Dvorak, Orange County Airport Commission chair, states: "As a Newport Beach resident, I enjoyed working with the group and providing community perspective and input into this initiative. I appreciate supervisor Foley's leadership in spearheading this effort, the Newport Beach Aviation Committee for generating the concept and the John Wayne airport team for their excellent work and dedication to building this distinctive Fly Friendly programme."

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