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OGaraJets   (U.S.A.)
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News from Business Air News
IADA expects markets to normalise over six months
January 20, 2023
IADA members have more modest expectations than they did a year ago for the aircraft resale market over the next six months. These more moderate projections also hold true for the aircraft finance and leasing market.
Industry veteran to head OGaraJet sales
May 15, 2022
Illinois' Dustin Cordier graduated with honours from the USAF Academy and went on to be a decorated pilot. He has held key leadership positions with FlightSafety, Textron and Embraer, and brings his skills to OGaraJet.
The client experience is focus of OGara sales hire
April 7, 2022
Former Embraer employee Afnan Islam has teamed up with OGara to enhance its client impact. He will look to cultivate a long term relationship with buyers and sellers.
January 29, 2022IADA expects strong first half of 2022 pre-owned market
January 16, 2022OGaraJets appoints analyst to research department
January 6, 2022Sutter and Shealey join OGaraJets' team
December 23, 2021Engagement and closing expert joins OGaraJets
June 25, 2019First aircraft sales brokers approved by IADA
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